SP3 or P5 for my system?

Here is my setup:
Lumin U1 Mini
Ayre SACD player
CJ ACT2 preamp
Wolcott P220 Monos or CJ Premier 350 (20A receptacle)

I can afford around $2k so I am thinking to get a new SP3 or a used P5. Can the SP3 handle my Wolcott Monos? I could plug the CJ amp directly to the wall as per suggestion by CJ tech or I would need a higher cost P12 or P20.

Is the SP3 being the newer model/design much improved over the older P5?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I would get the Stellar P3 for everything but the amps as I don’t think either the 3 or 5 are going to work out with those amps except maybe through the HC outlets with no regeneration. I’ve got all of my front end gear in the P3 but not willing to put either of my amps through it. I use a PI Audio Uberbuss for which ever amp is connected at the time.

In the $2K budget, you probably are better off with the P3. Just as Dawkin mentioned, with the P3, you could feed the amps through the non regenerated HC zone. Unless you know how much current the tube monos pull, I’d be nervous to suggest even plugging them into a P5. You may need something more like a 10, 15, or 20 for them.

I have both solid state (PS Audio M700 monoblocks) and tube amps (Conrad Johnson MV-55).
The sound quality of both amps improved with a P12 in my system (I mostly keep the PS Audio connected 24/7, but then switch over to tubes at times).
According to C-J, the MV-55 uses 175 watts, but according to the P12, the actual wattage shown on the meter with both tube preamp and poweramp is a little less (approx. 150 watts).

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