Power cable recommendation for Dectet

Need recommendations for a 3m power cable from the mains to my dectet presently served by a 1.5 m PS Audio AC5. Other power cables in my system are the same AC5 to the BHK pre and M700 amps. The DSD is served by Pangea AC14-SE. Budget around $300 -$400.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Without a doubt, get a Pangea AC9 SE MKII. $375.


With your price constraints I would be tempted to try one of these or even the larger one as the US price will only be three quarters of the listed price in Canadian dollars. There are several members that use his power cords.

I use either Triode Wire Lab or Audio Envy PC’s on my P3 and Uberbuss.


Thanks @dawkinsj for reminding me. I had read about the NRG cables some time ago and had forgotten the name. Pangea is on my shortlist as well.

Without a doubt get the Pangea 9SE MkII …
I have these running from wall to my P12 and from P12 to
my Parasound A21 power amp…and from P12 to my sources
Pangea AC14SE MkIIs

These are outstanding cables and are serving my system very well.
Both the 14SE MKII and 9SE MkIIs have silver plated copper shielding.

If your dectet is supplying your entire system…go with AC 9SE MkIIs
as this will allow future increased load demands made by your system
if you later choose to change components in your system…

Happy trails to you…

That’s what I am leaning towards. Thanks.

Sohail I did try the Pangea AC14 SE XL…

Results were reduced dynamics overall vs AC14SE MkIIs
AC14SE MkIIs stay, AC14SE XL out…

By pass the XL…

Happy trails friend

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I recommend the iconoclastcable.com BAV. power cords. In my system they beat my PSA AC12s and are downright cheap. They. have a great return policy too.

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Thanks for the recommendation. These are priced very competitively.

That’s a good recommendation. In my system they did not beat the AC-12, but they are very good cables for the price.

In my system the AC12 was clearer and brighter sounding, but the Pangea has more warmth and body and not as aggressive on the highs. It is very pleasant sounding with plenty of detail and a great value to boot.

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Cannot imagine the AC12 wold be clearer than the Pangea AC 9SE MkII.
Yet these things are system dependent and ymmv …

By clearer I mean more sterile. Less ambience information. To me there is more sound coming out with the Pangea. It is what is more musical to me.

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I was using AC12 with my DSD and DMP before, but it was too aggressive and digital sounding. When I tried the Pangea AC9 SE MKII everything just jelled and opened up the sound that I found very balanced and very enticing. I still have it on my DSD, DMP, and Aurender and I have no desire to look for anything better.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience…this helps
my understanding and appreciation of how my system is performing…

My experience very much coincides with yours…

Happy trails to you friend

Any concerns with using a longer length. I am considering closer to 14 ft rather than 3 m (~10ft). Gives me the option of placing the rack on the side wall substantially past the 1st reflection point.

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With 14’ run, it would probably be better to install a power outlet
at the new location you are looking to place your gear…

A 14’ run of audio power cords would probably require custom
manufacture and very expensive vs a new wall outlet…

There maybe alternatives but idk

Happy trails friend

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Good point.

14’ BAV is a pretty good bargain at that length. $360.00 inc. Techflex