Defending PS Audio is like Defending Bose 901's - Here we go again!

So this Guy was being brutally honest but I think he’s using the same review Samples that have passed around for the last few years. Even so, I’m sure that when they are returned to PS Audio, they get checked out. Also he’s claiming that a cheap Denon Integrated sounded better than the SGCD which isn’t true. Mine was as quiet as a mouse except for the crap I was feeding into it.

When I see these YouTube Videos and B.S. comments aimed directly and Paul & Everyone else up in Boulder, it really pisses me off. I post these Negative review links here on our Forums because I’m obligated as a FanBoy.

People are “Horny for Hagel” these days and I’ve heard their stuff which is pretty good but made in China at those price and power ratings is a no go in my book.

AEC made a long and boring Video on the Hagel vs Stellar and it was a tie depending on who’s opinion at the time (I prefer Thomas & Stereo) YouTube Channel’s to those Guys anyways.

Sorry for the Rant but Defending Bose 901’s online is fun but defending the fine folks in Boulder is not.


So basically you are in someones home and you make a point to tell them you think they are weak and that you’d like to hang around. Is that what this is all about?
Powerful stuff.

Pretty much. I got in trouble last year here when I shared ASR’s trashing of the DSD Sr. but Amir did a “positive” review of the S300. Paul & Elk had to shut the Forum topic down (at my request even).

Remember, I’m the Good Guy in all of this :grin:

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I just wasted 10 minutes of my life that I will never get back :wink:
I gave the reviewer a chance, but could not take more than 10 minutes of the 15-minute video.
And looking back, I should have turned it off at the 1 minute mark…

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Why would you defend Bose 901s? They are hardly worth it! Good 30 or 40 years ago!

Me too ! His Videos are more boring than the one’s I make on my Channel !

21 Subscribers and counting ! After almost a year.

Shameless plug :


Oy Vey… :grin:

I managed to turn two Turds (Series 1’s) into Treasures two years ago and bought three more last year !

I took my Rig to the Tucson DIY SpeakerBuilders Event in January and impressed A LOT of poeple. They walked into my room at the Event expecting a Hot Mess and walked out with a “Holy Shxxt” experience. I felt vindicated. I was ready for a Tongue lashing and got nothing but honest praise and these Guys were seasoned Audiophiles and even more serious DIY Speaker Folks.


I’ve heard many 901s. They were impressive when I was in high school. Not so much now.

Several years ago, I was interested in a particular Hegel piece. I had assumed it was made in Norway based on Hegel’s marketing and the fact that the back panel contained the words, “Hegel, Oslo, Norway” with no reference to another country of origin. Fortuitously, I read an article about Hegel around that same time which explained that its gear is designed in Norway and manufactured in China. I have nothing against Chinese-manufactured audio gear (I own two Auralic components currently), but I took exception to what in my opinion was Hegel’s attempt to create the impression that its gear is made in Norway – and price the gear as if it were. As a result, I lost interest in Hegel.



I’m his Consultant on that design ! :rofl:

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The reason I’m so sensitive about Electronics that are no longer made in Canada, USA, or Mexico is that I worked in Electronics Manufacturing and seen first hand what happens when facilities move overseas and People here are laid off including myself.

Sorry about getting on a Soapbox bootzilla.

I looked at the back of my friend’s Hegel 390 and thought it was actually made in Norway. Not cool when you have to look online as to where it’s designed as compared to where it’s built. Polk is doing this as well their SDA Pro (which I want to hear so badly just to create my own impressions). Klipsch makes all their Heritage Speakers in the US as does JBL the L100’s and other High End Speakers. Paradigm still made in Canada (but no longer the best bang for the buck like they used to be - ELAC just sounds way better at those price points). PSB while also made in China (not sure about their flagship though) is another Company that I respect but wouldn’t spend exorbitant amounts of money due to China.

This has nothing to do with Corona and I’m not a Trumper. Ironically I’m still buying Adapter Boards and blank PCB’s for my own use in my System. That make a Hypocrite but if I can’t find what I need here, I have to look elsewhere.

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Is ELAC designed and manufactured in the USA? Speakers and electronics?

I gotta Google that but having met Andrew Jones at our January end of the month meeting (another shameless plug - Arizona Audio Video Club, I like what I heard and having face time with the Designer obviously is another influence.

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And sometimes looking online can result in misinformation. This April 25, 2017 Stereophile review states as follows about the Hegel Mohican CD player: “This Mohican is made in Norway, and has the look and feel of a high-quality Scandinavian product.”

By contrast, this March 2018 Darko article about Hegel confirms that “[m]anufacturing takes place in China, leaving the Norway HQ for product development, circuit design, parts sourcing, testing, repairs and software coding.”

I suppose it is possible that the Mohican was manufactured in Norway at the time of the Stereophile review, and that manufacturing was moved to China before the Darko article. However, I think it is more likely that the Stereophile reviewer was duped by the cryptic “Oslo, Norway” designation on the CD player’s back panel.

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Oh, heavens no. China.


22 now :wink:

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Thanks Paul.

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Thx man !

Part of the thing with old speakers (such as the 901s) is to remember that the best ones had real strengths, that may seem less important now but were a real achievement then, usually involving a designer with art as well as science. That and accepting that DSP is a valid audiophile tool when done properly.
Careful upgrading whilst respecting the original designers choices on things like crossover slopes and points, and not necessarily AB-ing with more modern speakers with very different goals and materials (and hence challenges as well as strengths) can be rewarding, and certainly in my case has allowed audiophile results whilst staying in a reasonable budget.

In my humble opinion of course - I’d love to be able to drop 10 or 20 k on a pair of speakers, but I’d still want to use old speakers as well and make the very very best of them :slight_smile:

(Happy owner of souped up and revamped and reimagined MA r352s (1980s), and Richard Allen Pavanes (circa 1970) for 35 years and sounding far and away better than they ever did :slight_smile: )