Designer power cables


Ive reached the point with my system where I should do something about installing better power cables . There are a few points that need to be clarified though and the first being , and looking at the PS Audio power cable with the varying shapes of conductors to deal with different frequencies . Aren’t we dealing with one frequency and that is in my case 50 Hz ( mains freq .) or am I looking at this issue from the wrong angle . The next issue is the number or cables required , I have a P5 power regenerator do I need a power lead for the incoming as well as the four outlets , and if you say " yes " for the incoming power why , doesn’t the P5 deal with the noise issue on the line .

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All good questions. Indeed, when dealing with power the primary frequency sent to equipment is 60Hz in this country, 50Hz in others. So why make cables with different construction for frequencies other than the low frequency fundamentals? It’s a really good question, one I have often asked the designer of our power cords about and get a shoulder shrug. My speculation is that quick demands of power in musical applications are much faster than the fundamentals - so we need power delivered quickly. I can see some of that using a current probe on the scope, rather than a voltage probe. Current is demanded quickly, much faster than 50 times a second and perhaps this is why that sounds better.

The second question concerns the input. If the Power Plants rebuild the power, why feed it well? That’s not hard. Think of a regenerating plant of any kind, even one based on converting water to steam and back again. The quality of the source feed determines the system’s ability to respond to demand properly. Too small or restrictive a cable on the input and the regenerator cannot properly do its job.