Devore's with BHK250?

Curious if anyone has used the Devore O96’s or the GibbonX with the BHK250. How do sensitive speakers tend to respond to powerful amps like the 250?

At least a couple of people here use this amp with DeVore Orangutan 0/96 speakers.

Powerful amps work with sensitive speakers just as well as flea amps.

Should be a good match as JA measured them 91 and 88 db. Lower than what John D spec’s them at. Same should be true of the new Super 9’s.

I had 096’s. I powered them with a 250 watt solid state amp and also with a 2 watt tube amp. They sounded sublime with both amps.

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@RonP curious why you changed from the 096’s? What did you go to?

I had them on long term loan from a friend who was away for 10 months. They were magnificent speakers.
The speakers I own now and am completely happy with are Zu Audio Soul Supremes. The Zu’s are slightly more dynamic, which appeals to me. The 096’s are a bit sweeter.