Did I just find a bug?

I just noticed something with the DS playing through the Bridge. If the screen is off, when I turn it on while music is playing I will get a very soft “puft” sound tied directly to turning the display back on. It does not happen when the display is turned back off, only on. And it does not happen when doing this while there is no music, or in the silence between tracks - only with actual music coming through the system. Can anyone else with a DS and Bridge duplicate this?

I don’t seem to hear anything, I assume you have the vol at normal level and you hear it over the music ?

Yes, although it’s very low in level. It doesn’t cause any interruption in the music so much as something I hear just momentarily “under” the music when the display turns back on. I was playing a DSD track as DoP over PCM through MinimServer. I haven’t yet tried to see if it also happens with plain old PCM or High Res PCM tracks.

My first was red book, just now tried several hirez, I believe I did hear once a puft as you say but can’t seem to repeat it. But was very low level.

Thanks for trying enough combinations to get an initial confirmation, Roger. Yes it’s a very low level sound, and it seems it does not happen all the time. Curious.

Yes the same soft puft happened since upgraded to DS…

I wonder if it has something to do with upgrade versus new DS? @rogerdn is yours an upgrade or a new unit?

@tedsmith - Ted, do you have any thoughts on this?

Was upgrade

Sorry, I can’t shed any light on this.