Weird display issue with DSJ

Hi All,

New DSJ owner here and so far delighted with the DAC, I am however confused by some of its behaviour when using the bridge.

I’ve got the display set to “bridge” mode so that track and album are displayed.


if the volume is at 100%, then the display stays stuck on “bitrate”. If i lower volume to 99 or lower, it shoes album information as expected.

Has anyone else come across this behaviour on the Junior?

My DSJ Display no longer works. It isn’t an issue for me. It’s a DAC.

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It’s a DAC, but also a streamer with bridge, and It would be good if it worked as intended

It still works fine as a bridge without the display. Roon, Foobar, whatever I use to actually play the music tells me everything I need to know. Remove power from the screen and who knows, maybe the DAC (and Bridge) sound better.

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They do sound better with the display off.


@tedsmith Is that true of other products as well, the PST and the GainCell Dac?

Hi Ted,

I assume that is the case. I still wanted to highlight what seemed like odd behaviour and if it was just me, or if anyone else had seen it.

I’m new to the PS audio world. Flicked a bit between Windom and Sunlight and ultimately settled on sunlight with the volume dialled back to 84 as a compromise. Windom was a little TOO smooth in my system.

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The behavior you describe can’t be a hardware failure and I guess I’m not surprised that the UI software might work that way. FWIW there’s nothing magic about a volume of 100 so using something else instead to get the UI you like is just fine.


In general it’s true with most displays, but I don’t think it would matter nearly as much on a transport as the DAC. It’s certainly worth trying on any component if it’s an option.