Did PS Audio pull replacement tubes from their site?

I don’t blame people for buying extra tubes now, other than they should have already had a backup supply to last them many, many years to begin with.

That’s what I did when I bought my BHL 300’s two years ago (my first tube electronics). Regardless of hobby, I try to anticipate what may be a critical component (especially something a bit on the consumable side) that could be subject to short supply that would render the item useless without it. No, didn’t predict the Russian invasion thing, but always figured tube availability a bit precarious. People panic buying now are certainly driving up prices and wiping out inventory, but nobody wants to get caught without. If you are someone who waits until you have to have them before you buy, that’s a shame.

Here’s more on the LISST:

TAD does solid state rectifiers as well as standard tubes.

I’m not sure how neutral these sound but interesting, none the less.

“Developed and Patented by Roberts RetroValves and built by Jet City (guitar amps), RetroValves are 100% analog vacuum tube replacement devices offering the warm, fat, punchy sound traditionally associated with only glass vacuum tubes. RetroValves are pin-for-pin compatible with 12AX7 tubes in nearly any guitar amplifier, offering instant modification of preamp gain characteristics.”

“Due to supply issues tube options are unavailable for the foreseeable future…” according to their website

It’s not just shortages, runaway inflation is going to increase the price of everything. I replaced my hot water heater and frig, which were working fine, because they getting older, and I know the dollar is shrinking every day that goes by. Building supplies have tripled in the last year, along with everything else.


Gary, so much of what is going on with inflation is caused by the supply chain issues still going on due to the pandemic. The prices will come down and things will level off. This a Global issue and now the war in Ukraine has amplified the problems.



The export restriction on Russian tubes has been resolved for now. We are accepting new orders, processing backorders, and hoping to resume shipping in April. Priority will be given to the oldest orders.

Considering various economic pressures, we must raise our wholesale prices. This price increase will apply to all back- and new orders. Also, there will likely be a further price increase for tubes shipped from our NYC headquarters once the government implements heightened tariffs against Russian goods, akin to the 35% rate Canada is now imposing. Other territories, including EU, UK, and Japan, are expected to follow suit.

For all non-US customers facing such heightened tariffs and with combined Russian tube orders of $3K or more: Consider having our Russian warehouse directly ship such combined orders to the nearest international airport in your country. That will avoid our having to pass along the cost of the heightened US import tariff. Otherwise, you will, in effect, incur a double tariff on shipments imported first to NYC and then to a country with heightened tariffs.

You can cancel any backorder, but we do not recommend this; there is a tremendous shortage of tubes.

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Remember… Interest rates rising will cause more flattening of the stock market. See this as a buying opportunity. The old saying is true. “Recessions are garage sales for the rich”.

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The old saying will no longer hold true, as we’re being ushered into the Great Reset.

" You’ll own nothing and be happy"

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum

The quote is actually from a 2016 essay by member of the Danish parliament Ida Auken. It means all products will become services. That is, in the essay she makes a prediction for year 2030, writing that in 2030 one does not own a house, a car, appliances or clothes, instead renting everything. She does not advocate this, just makes the prediction.

By the way, Internet memes notwithstanding, The World Economic Forum does not have a stated goal to have people "own nothing and be happy’ by 2030. Its Agenda 2030 framework outlines an aim to ensure all people have access to ownership and control over land and other forms of property.

Again, please stop interjecting politics into this forum.


This is what scares me. Go to third world countries and noboby but the top 4% own…rest rent. The super rich are getting richer and the gap between the middle class and rich is widening every faster.

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Let us please stop the economic discussion/debate. I addressed Gary’s post as it is factually inaccurate. I have again asked him to stop posting these things.

If anyone would like to discuss them, please take it to PM or your own email.


Pretty glad I didn’t go all-in on the Audio Research mega tube set-up right now.


You do know we could just stop tube rolling for a bit……nah


Looking on the PS Audio website for a matched Quad of Gold Lions for my BHK 300 and I don’t see them advertised anymore.


Try Viva or the Tube Store

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Thanks Jack!!!

The price of GL in Viva seems a lot higher than a few months ago. I just put in an order from Jessee for another pair of Telefunken 12AU7 NOS, and the price of it is about the same from a few months ago which made me feel a bit better, just a bit better. :slightly_smiling_face: