Bridge I - II?

Is Bridge II only new sofware added to Bridge I?

Bridge II succeeds Bridge I (which is taken out of production), it is different hardware. Bridge II software/firmware updates are not compatible with the Bridge I.

@ Wijber: Thank you. One more question: I have a PWDac with a Bridge, and the innards have been changed to DSDDac. I think (!) this did not include the Bridge. (Can I see that on screen which version?) Anyway; should I still be able to stream files from PD with Bridge one?

Bridge 2 was separate from the PWD to DS upgrade. I’m sure you can tell by firmware versions but I don’t know off-hand what they are (if you post yours somebody will likely to be able to tell you). Bridge 1 will behave in the DS just as it did in the PWD, so no gapless (unless you use foobar2000), no DSD files (I think), etc.

Hi Steven, Thanks. I will check the firmware versions. Anyway, my new BHK250 sings and I even am spinning records again; I just did not hop on the streaming - server train. Need some proper time to sort out if at all streaming is an option for me.

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