Digital lens question

Newbie here, just picked up a Perfect Wave DAC\Perfect Wave Transport combo at a great price. They really work well together! Need to do more info gathering on the digital lens. I know that the DAC has one, activated by using the Native filter. Does the NativeX filter activate a second lens? Also, does the transport have a lens as well? Thanks for any info, I realize most have probably moved on to the big boy Direct Stream DAC.

Some info in this review:


And here:


Thank you Lonson, very informative reviews. I am finding that I prefer the Native filter on the DAC rather than the NativeX which has the lens. Sounds a little flatter. Maybe because the audio has already been filtered through the lens on the transport. Not sure, but more listening to come for sure!

I had this combo for years and really liked the combo’s sound. I only remember that after I upgraded from the original DAC to Mk II I used Native X all the time and loved it.

Me too. FWIW.

I settled on Native X and just left it there.

Too each his own.

Enjoy @Stephen_Scott.

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