Mk2 vs Airlens+Directstream SR

I own a Directstream DAC SR That I love. If getting only one is all i can do which should i get? So my question is if own the Directstream SR will i be better off adding just the Air Lens or should i save up for MK2?

MK2 without ?

I would buy the Mk2 without hesitation over the Air Lens.


How will you get music to the MKII?

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Agree MK2 vs Airlens purchase is a no brainer. MK2 easy choice.

If you get a MKii, you will still need AirLens or something to stream music to MKii. How are you getting music to DSD now?

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Oh, definitely use that as a trade in and get the MK2. The MK2 is so much better sounding and performing in every respect than the MK1. You won’t regret it for a moment.


Knowing how tight the uk importer is I doubt there will be much of a trade-in in the uk

Trade in, trade in… this is the problem! Outside US, I mean.

If PS Audio started an “Importer Trade In” strategy, this could help. Does PS Audio actually has a trade in policy for importers?

Local dealers do not accept trade in programs because they have to resell the used units. If they were able to send second hand units to the importer it would be a game changer. Consequently the importer should be able to send back the units to PS Audio.

You may say that it is needed facing 2 problems: taxes and shipment costs.

If sales generate quantities, I guess there could be solutions to adopt for this purpose.

Just my thoughts (from trade in and beta test excluded side of the world).


No trade in and no Beta for you is unfortune since you are a huge fan of PSA gear like me. I was looking at Italian audio racks you recommended in one of the threads, and I wish I live in Italy. They are pricy and hard to find in the PSA trade in and beta side of the world. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do not hesitate to ask me if you need help with the SolidSteel purchase, I can call them. Glad to do it for you.

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Thanks, the rack is number 10 on my list of upgrades. So, one of these days.

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Via a computer running Audirvana through USB right now.

You live in Italy, that should be enough of a bonus for you for your entire life!!! Lucky man! :slight_smile:

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