Welcome to the forum! Very impressive. Could you list the major components?

PS Audio Memory Player to Direct Stream via I2S

Roon/Tidal/HQ Player server to a NUC/NAA to Uptone Regen Amber to Direct Stream (HQP set at DSD 128)

Other Digital source is Mark Porzilli’s v capped MP64

Analog - Dynavector DRT XV1-S to Nuwave Phono, on Garrard 401 and Audiocraft tonearm

Pre amp - Lamm LL2 deluxe

Amp - Lamm Ref 1.2 sitting on Critical Mass PXK

Speakers - Magico S7 powered sub is Von Schweikert Shockwave V15

I also had Aurender N100H feeding the Direct Stream for a while

there is a Copland DRC 205 between pre amp and amp

all cables are DIY

Amps are on Monster Power HTPS 7000 Signature series, rest of the system on PS Audio P5 and. PS Audio Dectet

Very nice!

Very nice indeed! Thanks for sharing.

Dimfs Hi Fi said all cables are DIY
Tell us more, please.

I used to own mid priced branded cables but when I got my GM70 amps, I had to deal with some noise… I took the opportunity to recable my entire system. I started with the IC’s, used Mogami 2534 terminated with good connectors (I tried Neutrik and a couple others but WBT sounded best to my ears) and applied multiple coats of damping paint on the entire cable run. I was surprised to find out that my DIY IC’s actually sounded better than my branded IC. After that, I replaced all other cables with Neotech stuff, and like like what I did to my IC, I applied multiple coats of damping paint on the entire run, including connections to the connectors, and the connectors.

Rick Shultz used to manufacture Virtual Dynamics within 2 hours drive from our city and I had been to his shop a few times. If you talked to him during the VD days, he would talk about magnetics, speed of light and vibration dampening. Controlling microphonic vibration makes sense to me, and since it is not that difficult to implement and experiment, I tried it. I was quite surprised by the improvement.

A local audiophile and quite into cables actually compared my DIY cables against a number of branded and popular cables, some costing a few thousands, and was quite impressed by my DIY’s… so I ended up doing the same treatment to some of his cables. At one point, he encouraged me to start selling cables…

At this point, I have no motivation to replace my DIY’s. Pictured below is a little bit of everything, including my DIY cable lifters

Just for fun, I labelled my cables so that they don’t look too DIY. Some people would laugh when I say I have this and that and DIY cables, but I don’t mind. Quite rewarding when people listen to my system and complement me for it.

Very nice. I make the majority of my cables as well.

What are you using as damping paint?

I started with what Rick Schultz was using in his very expensive cable (Master series & up), a product called Anti Vibration Magic but it was very expensive. Did some research and found Silent Running, commonly used in boats, just like AVM, Silent Running converts micrphonic vibration to heat. I used same to dampen amps/transformers with good result as well.

How do you apply it to cables?

How flexible are the cables after being coated?

best is to apply on the wire itself, then insulate it after, but I have also achieved good result just by applying 4 coats on the outer sleeve of the Neotech. I brush it on, let it dry for a few days then repeat. Then I wrap it really tight with electrical tape before putting the black outer sleeving…

the finished product becomes a little stiffer, but not bad

Very nice system!

I also have cables from Rick Schultz (the newer HFC CT-1 speaker cables).

Frode said Very nice system!

I also have cables from Rick Schultz (the newer HFC CT-1 speaker cables).


Rick make good sounding cables… a lot of people speak very highly of the HFC… the price is slowly creeping up though.

I would love to hear this system. I read about AVM paint years ago and talked with people that swore by it and I came up with several ideas for use but never implemented them. People even used it on tubes.

In fact I thought recently about painting the inside of my TAD CR1’S after removing the back plate and seeing the easy access, thinking they could be brought to an even higher level. But then an interview with Andrew Jones I watched about cabinet design seemed to make me feel it would not be productive.

It’s funny to see a system at this level with DIy cables, but then again I’m currently using DIY quad wire speaker cables and a number of DIY power cords with oyaide connectors and plugs and an Ac extension outlet with a oyaide connector and duplex.

Only one word “WOW”.

I had used AVM on tubes with really good result. I had been friends with Ban Hoang, the guy behind AVM, and while the product was dismissed by many - I know Ban is doing really well with the product. I think he stopped chasing the North American market and concentrated in the Chinese market. I experimented with other products because AVM is just too expensive, even with friendly pricing.

Ban used to carry a speaker line called Accentus, which is actually upgraded version of Aurum Cantus and factory order them coated with AVM, the crossover is dipped in AVM several times, and everything inside the box (internal wire, speaker basket, rear of the drivers and the internal part of the box itself) are covered with several layers of AVM and it actually sound very good. I used to own the model just below the top of the line, Ban said it has $5k worth of AVM on it. I sold it to a guy who heard Accentus in Toronto and he is still living very happy with it. I think you will be surprised with the improvement you will gain by applying even the much much cheaper Silent Running in your CR1, just don’t tell Andrew. I was also very tempted to do the same in my previous speaker (Von Schweikert VR5 Anniversary) but being a demo unit, I decided to keep it unmoded.

The Magico S7 and my new Direct Stream are burning in nicely and the system is sounding very good IMHO, the system has a lot of details and very good tone, I am not inclined to replace my DIY cables at this point. I sold a $3,500 pair of speaker cable to a local customer, he compared it to my very first DIY cable and said he cannot hear any advantage over my DIY.


A typical Saturday afternoon musical interlude. The speakers get moved out, the furniture re-arranged based on extensive testing with RTA and SPL and we are ready to go…

matthewnz said

A typical Saturday afternoon musical interlude. The speakers get moved out, the furniture re-arranged based on extensive testing with RTA and SPL and we are ready to go…

I thought I was the only one that tossed a blanket over the Flat Screen when sitting down for some serious, extended listening.

Nice work – enjoy!

Great system! I had those Lamm monos some time ago, so I know how hot it get’s in the room (at least I had no room cooling wink )

Before I had an even hotter poweramp, so I cooled down by and by…


The Magicos are beautiful. The overall system is fantastic but those speakers. WOW!