Dimmed PST requires double presses on remote

I run all my PSA equipment with the displays dimmed. On my preamp and DS DAC, I can (for example) change inputs with a single press on the remote. However on the PST, I have to press a key twice. The first press wakes up the display and the second one accomplishes what I want to do.

Why is the PST different from other gear in this regard? When I first got my PST, I was frustrated and concerned that the unit was not operating correctly until I finally figured out that I had to press a key twice.

This should at least be explained in the manual.

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In my mind, it is kind of hinted at on page 20:
" Display Dim

Pressing the “Dim” button will turn off the display and all the indicators on your PST. Any time you press any button on your remote control, the PST will wake up and reactivate the display and indicators for 7 seconds. After 7 seconds with no button activity, the display will go dark again."

You’re right, I suppose. However, given that the PST operates differently from other PS audio components, we need more than just a hint. The passage that you cite should be followed by something like “once the display is turned back on, press the appropriate key to implement the action that you want.“

IMO control functionality should work the same across the product line, unless there is a very good reason to do otherwise.

If you press the front panel play button while the screen is dimmed it immediately goes into play. No need to press it twice.
The remote should do the same thing in my opinion.

I wonder if this is a programming oversight or a conscious decision to have it operate like this.

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Thanks for this info. I have never used the front panel, only the remote, because my unit is several feet from my listening chair. I hope the double-press business is an oversight that will be fixed in the next firmware upgrade.