DSD: Getting screen light always on

This is aggravating. I’ve been using a DSD and P10, with the DSD’s dim set to medium and the screen light always on for a long time. My (highly preferred) remote is the older style Power Plant multi-function one (the small one is stored in the garage). Today, in the process of setting up a new P15, I mistakenly pressed the Dim button for the dac and the screen went black. Now, pressing the Dim button doesn’t get any response; i.e., the screen remains dark. I can bring up the screen by pressing another button, but it’s going black after 3-5 seconds. How do I get it back to always showing? Looking at the dim settings, there is only High-Medium-Low. Thanks,

Power on button works on the large remote.

Wow, what a simple, obvious solution, thanks. No wonder I never had to deal with it before. I wonder why this is not mentioned in the Dimmer section of the manual, or it isn’t part of setup. Push the wrong button, as I did, and it seems to go haywire. Before posting here, I called PSA, and they wanted me to get the small remote out, where they said setting it always on is easy. Not necessary.

I asked the same thing so don’t feel bad…

And congrats on the new P15!!