PS Audio Remote Control/DMP Anomaly

I have the PS Audio remote control with the brushed aluminum face. With the DMP, I have experienced issues where it would require several presses of the same button on the remote before the unit finally responds. For example, I would press the Play button, or the Pause button, nothing would happen, so I would press it again. Sometimes it would take 2 or more presses before the action occurs. I know some others have complained about the same issue.

Here is what I discovered with my remote, which is rather new. If I press firmly, rather than pressing ONLY hard enough to experience the click, I have no issues with a single press and immediate response from the DMP. If I press with less pressure, with enough force to get a click, but not exaggerating the press, I get random responses. I did a little experiment and duplicated this phenomenon consistently. Hard, deliberate presses gets immediate and reliable action responses. Lighter presses (but still achieving button clicks) gets random and unreliable actions responses.

So, it makes me wonder… Is this a mechanical issue with the remote where the click occurs but doesn’t quite make a contact with whatever initiates the IR command in the remote control itself? Or, is this an issue where by pressing harder, the button is actually held down for a slightly extended period of time and the DMP needs that longer signal period in order to register and act on the remote control command (maybe a timing thing)?

I would be interested to hear if this FIRM button press resolves the issue for other users as well.

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Thanks for the info! I’ll put it to practice this evening.

Yes, I noticed the same thing. It’s a very masculine remote, made even made in Italy.

Could it be that a light touch of the button(s) is ‘felt’ as a command to illuminate the buttons and a firmer touch is used to activate the button?

Mine was the same…you’d need an IR code reader to test when and how the IR commands are being sent from the remote. I happen to have an IR code reader, but I have other things to deal with that are consuming my time.
What has happened to @jamesh (PS Audio Customer Advocate) on this forum? Part of his job was to monitor the forum traffic and provide advice etc. I haven’t seen him post in the DMP topic for a long time, despite all the traffic its generating. PS Audio could be testing the behavior of the remote and provide a definitive answer to the question.

@brumtech Did you have have a chance to test this out on your remote?

Interesting. . . I don’t use that remote much at all, I use the DirectStream DSD remote which I used when I had the PWT as well. In large part I do this because it also has P10 controls. I haven’t had this problem with that remote.

Yessir! I spun 3 discs last night. Two CD’s and one SACD. Each one only took one firm press to play. Thanks for the help!

Well, to rule out whether or not it is a mechanical issue with the remote, you should try rolling back to 3.09 and see if you’re having this issue. I just tested the DMP here in the office with the silver remote and don’t feel as though I need to press any harder than usual. I do have stiff rock climber’s hands, so maybe me pressing normal is a bit more aggressive than most… :smile:

It has been an issue with 3.09 and prior releases. Regardless, no chance I am moving from 3.10. If you want to pay me as a troubleshooter, I would consider, but I am just bringing it to your attention in the event it is the cause of others’ grief as well. It seems to also be an issue with @brumtech 's remote.

It may make sense to test on a brand new remote. Mine is less than a year old. It could be the remote you all use in house is broken in, or perhaps from a different lot than some of the newer manufactured remotes. To test, you have to change your behavior otherwise it makes no sense. So, purposely press it only lightly enough to get a click on the Play and Pause buttons just to see if you can duplicate the inaction on the new remote.

I like that theory, you could very well be right. Do you want to try my remote that I use for testing here?

No, I am fine with my remote, now that I am aware of its dubious ways. It would be in PSA’s best interest to vet this out as I have read many folks complaints about unresponsiveness using the remote. I am pretty sure my experience with this issue had nothing to do with my DMP, now that I have been deliberately pressing buttons with more force.