DS dac Display failure

Since a few weeks the display of my directstream dac is giving problems.
It blinks(flickers) and sometimes gives no image at all.
When you operate the volume, mostly the picture appears(flickering) for a moment before it disappears.
A few days later the display has failed completely and also the remote control doesn’t respond anymore.
It look like a controllerboard problem and i would like to know if is possible to replace the board with display by myself.
Mechanically it is not a problem for me(the display is already out) but there is still something to be done with the software on the display board?
In some other forum i have seen the someone has replaced the display with board of a powerplant P10 without any problem but is it also plug and play with the DS sr dac?

I’d suggest contacting PS Audio Technical support, TJ, and arranging guidance on an in home, (assuming returning it to Boulder is impractical), repair with a proper display.

Did that 4 days ago but haven’t had any response yet.

May I suggest you hit up JamesH an the Forum?

You’ll need to contact your distributor as they will be able to order the parts for you. Swapping out display yourself shouldn’t be too tricky at all.

Thanks for your reply,i did contact my distributor but they told me it is better to send the dac because of the controller software on the board. I have already taken out the board with display so to put it in won’t be a problem. So when the controller software is pre installed i will ask them to send the parts

Agreed, the distro is correct. I don’t remember much about the process but remember there is some kind of pairing and unit ID that needs to be programmed into the display board.