Direct Stream Junior


I turned on my system this morning and to find no sound. Looked at the dac and i could see that it was not locking on to the inputs. Changed cables and reloaded the firmware. Tested the amp running through my preamp and the amp is working fine. Lookin for a fix.




I am not sure you needed to reload the firmware. Did it actually load? Blinking for a long time?

I think you could have just rebooted the DAC. Maybe. How is it connected and to what source?


Yes it was blinking for a long time. I did reboot several times with no success. Sources are coaxial,usb,optical, and bridge. None of them work. Its connected directly to my amp and i use an opitcal cabie, a coaxial cable and usb cable. I tried 2 sets of xlr cables and one rca cable for dac to amp. It had been working fine for months until this morning.



Huh. Let me get Jeremy in service to help you.


Thanks Paul i called and left a message for him to call me.