Direct Stream Memory Player SD Card input?

I know the DMP has a SD Card input but currently it’s only used for OS updates.
There is a front USB input but IMO, the sound quality of the SD Card (SLC) is far better. (I’ve heard others state that the Disk playback is superior compared to the playback from the USB stick.)
Would it be possible to playback audio files from the SD Card in the near future?
Thanks, Tak

This comes up a fairly often - and I’ve done it myself - confusing the DMP and the DS or DSJ. Sometimes I have to look at the backs of the units (or pictures in the manuals) to keep the functionality straight.

They are sort of one unit in my mind, and it’s easy to get the ins and outs confused. For example, we tend to refer to the DS DACs generically, but the Junior is updated via USB stick, and the DS Senior via SD card.

AFAIK, as you note, the SD card on the DMP is only for updates, and so has no SQ. And I agree that disks sound better than files played back via the USB input.

I don’t think the DMP SD card was/is intended for music file playback. It’s for updates and stores cover art, etc.


…yes, stores coverart. Some owners don’t realise this because it’s not mentioned in the product owners manual.

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Thanks. I thought so. But too bad, as the SQ of the Industrial grade SLC SD Card would be far better than the USB stick…
Could I understand that the USB input is going through the same process as the CD/SACD, with Digital Lens/FPGA and Low Jitter Clock in the chain? Perhaps, using an Industrial grade SLC USB stick could be one solution for DSD128 file playback, assuming that the DMP will output native DSD128 via I2S to the DSDAC. (the manual only mentions DSD64 native output)
My current setup is Jplay mini (memory player with RAM Disk as buffer) with dual PC setup as my transport, Singxer SU-1 DDC I2S output to the PSA DSDAC.
I’m curious to know how the USB input of the DMP sound compared with my current setup. It seems, the USB + DMP solution is much simple…

Yes, AFAIK the USB goes through the same chain. However, the sound from disc is generally better, not sure if we know why. And yes - it’s DSD64 only.

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OK. Is the playback from the USB stick gapless?

Dunno. Anybody?

Negative. At f/w 2.08 there is still a brief gap between tracks when played via any USB device connected through the front panel port.

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Too bad.
I was thinking of getting the DMP but I’m going to have to wait for the next possible f/w update which will enable gapless playback on usb…

Not sure why you would want to buy a disc player to play USB sources?

You may want the upcoming Octave server instead.

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I have plenty of both PCM/DSD files and CD/SACD discs, but yes, I’m curious about the upcoming Octave Server :wink:

I don’t think Octave server will play SACD, in which case you’re going to need a disc spinner for those. Or just forego SACD (as I have) and write your CD collection and the CD layer of SACD to your server of choice and dispense with disc spinning entirely. At this point I don’t see a future for DMP, even if its next OS makes it functionally correct in every aspect. The convenience of server playback makes it difficult (for me) to contemplate spinning discs again.

The Octave won’t rip SACDs but should be able to play DSD files up to DSD128.

The current game plan with recently emerging sources is DSD512. I wish PS Audio well with their Octave server. In addition to the new speakers in the PS skunk works, the Octave server will give them the full set of high performance home audio products.

Most people are hard pressed to hear any difference between different DSD resolutions.