Issue with updating to Bridge II firmware

Hi Paul, I hv a DS and tried updating to the latest
Bridge II firmware (ver3.6.2) so that I can stream MCQ Tidal. I followed the instructions as provided by this website. There was an update button, which I activated and the DS showed that it was updating, and when completed, it displayed the message, “Up to Date”. However, strange that the display screen still showed the old version:

Just wondering if I’ve missed something out. Btw, if the Bridge that is currently installed in my DS is ver 1, will it update to Bridge II? Appreciate if you could provide some insights/guidance on it.
Thanks, YS

The Bridge I and Bridge II are different pieces of HARDWARE. Bridge II firmware cannot be installed on the Bridge I network card in your DS DAC. If you want TIDAL MQA decoding in your DS DAC, you will need to swap out the Bridge I for a Bridge II.

Oh, understood, Thanks! I’ll acquire BridgeII separately.

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