Help. Update of DS and Bridge 2

I have a friend who just bought a used DS. I do not remember what number etc we are in the updates … He has tried to update but it failed.

There is a red exclamation point in the update now … here are the 2 photos he has sent me

It has to play with this system and he says that DS is the best sound he has heard from Dac. It’s good and I’ll see if I can persuade him to sign up for our lovely foyer

Is there anyone who would be cute also to put up a photo of totally updated DS so I can see the different driver number etc. More love Michael

(It’s been so long since I updated so I do not remember the order. i’m getting old lol) :laughing: :kissing_heart:

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The Directstream’s software is current. As to the Bridge II’s software that is done automatically from Conversdigital. If he put the DS into an already up and running network he may need to shut everything down all the way back to the router and bring it back up one piece at a time to have the Bridge recognized by his network so it can do any update that is necessary. If it doesn’t do it automatically he can push it from inside the software.

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Thanks bro