Wanna play?

This is probably not a good idea, but hey, I am leaving town for Munich this morning so why not?

There were two main versions for DirectStream we debated over and over again before releasing the final version, which we call 5407. The other that we did not release is 51A.

I won’t say anymore than that, not who likes what amongst us. It was a tough decision as both versions have their strength and weakness. Just like any software.

I have posted both versions in Downloads in the software section. What you all have right now is 5407. It is there, as well, so you can go back and forth between the two.

To make this version change, you will need a small (less than 2GB) blank SD card. Download the file, unzip the file … should I write that again? Unzip the file. Drag the unzipped contents onto the blank SD card. If you’re clever, you’ll have two SD cards, one for each and then label them. It’s what I do.

Place 51A to start with in the SD card slot of DS (remembering to have the gold pins facing up). Click it in place. Now, turn the rear panel power switch off and then on again to power cycle DS. The front panel logo light should blink, showing the version is being installed. Don’t touch the power during this time. It’s fairly quick, perhaps a minute or two. Direct Stream will reboot. You can always go to the setup screen to see the version number installed.

You can go back and forth with these two versions all day long and let us know what differences you hear and what the general consensus is.

Have fun. Do NOT use this on your PWD or you will brick it. You’ve been warned.

*** turn off your amp while doing this. Double warned!