DirectStream DAC Latest Update


I just recently updated my DirectStream DAC. I am not sure if it is really updated. Here is the picture. Is it updated?

Please see the pic.

Nope. It shows ‘Windom’. But latest version is Sunlight. It’s downloadable from support / downloads on this website.

That’s what I guessed. But I did copied the files in the memory card. Put it in the DAC and turned it on. It doesn’t change anything!

Also, make sure that the files are downloaded to the root directory of the Memory card (and not some other directory) and you should be fine. Good luck!

OK. So, I used another SD card and also disconnect the internet (CAT5) cable from the back of the DAC. It updated. I am not sure which one was the cause, the previous SD card was bad or it was because of the CAT5.

The base seems better and more dynamic (more base?) and the mids has relaxed further. The highs are very crisp and clean. It kinda sounds like my TT. Not as good though. But for a digital source, the sound is very good. I am really enjoying the sound right now. :slightly_smiling_face:


When updating firmware, it is recommended the user disconnects everything except the power cord.

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