DirectStream DAC Yale Upgrade

I downloaded the Yale file, extracted it and cannot get it to upgrade the DAC. Any help appreciated. I have upgraded the PWD, USB etc with no problem on other PSA units.

There is a detailed article on how to update the DS here.

I assume you’re using an SD card to perform the update. Check these possible problems:

  • The SD card should be formatted to FAT32 and have no other folders or files on it aside from those in the Yale download.
  • Verify that you've extracted the contents of the zip file you downloaded to the root folder of the SD card. The directory listing should look like this:

DSDD0164.hex DSDG0011.hex fpga9114.hex LOADER.CFG USBL0021.hex

  • Turn the unit off with the switch on the back of the DS before inserting the card.
  • Verify that the card is fully inserted with the contacts facing upwards and the label down.
  • Once the card is inserted, turn the unit back on. The illuminated blue PS Audio button should flash while the update is being performed.
  • If you've done all of the above and it still doesn't work, try a different SD card, preferably one that is just 1 or 2 GB in size.
Good luck!


Sometimes it’s just finicky. As PB said, you might try a different card, freshly reformatted, with a fresh download of the files.

Thanks for the help. I just kept trying and it finally took the upgrade. Could be the card I guess, or maybe the contacts on the card.


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LOL! But I’m not saying it doesn’t have an effect; I will refrain from speculating what that effect might be, however, or the reason for it. Also makes me think of a dog I had with the light-colored spots over the eyes.

And what effect, may I ask, does the kitten perched on the audio equipment have on the sound?

He and the other cat keep it warm, of course! I’ve only had to clean barf out of it once.

BTW, I mistakenly hit the ‘vote post down’ rather than ‘up’ - my apologies. I think I’ll just avoid that button from now on.