Directstream display always shows 16 bits. Bitperfect test

I understand about the DS displaying only the number of bits used, but even when I run Bitperfect Test - 24 192 the display shows 192K 16 bits. Any idea what I have set incorrectly?

There’s probably a setting wrong in your source program or the hosting OS.

If it’s JRiver MC there’s an Audio Path display that will let you see what may be modifying your output. On the PC version of MC it’s under the Player menu or you can press the little gear to the right of the top seekbar.

If it’s the MAC OS, I’m not sure where to look.

Hi Ted,
JRiver MC24
Here is what I see regarding Audio Path with 24/44 music file.
Audio Path: Direct
Input: 44k 24bit 2ch from source format aif
Output: 44k 32bit 2ch using core audio (Direct connection)
Same info for Bit Perfect

Here is what I see regarding Audio Path with Bit Perfect Test 24 192.
Audio Path: Direct
Input: 192k 24bit 2ch from source format flac
Output: 192k 32bit 2ch using core audio (Direct connection)

DS display: Rate: 44.1k 16 Bits

System is Mac Mini Mojave > USB > DS
What’s up with the “32bits” output???
Any clues here?

In OS X, Core Audio expects audio data to be in native-endian, 32-bit floating-point, linear PCM format.

JRiver is just saying it’s sending audio data to the OS in the expected 32 bit format.

Some configuration in the OS is converting to 16 for you. I’m not an MAC guy, but I think you need to go to Audio/MIDI Setup.

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OK made some changes in the OS & the DSD seems to be showing the right info now. I will be off to find some info about configuring MC & Mac OS for the DSD. Problem is, most of the info is outdated.
Thanks for your help.

Ted, if my setup passes the bitperfect test, am I good to go? It does now BTW.

Yes, the bit perfect tells you that nothing is messing with the bits from the file. Checking the Audio Path in JRiver MC is good on that end and if the bit perfect test fails almost always or always then there’s probably something in the OS settings that’s a problem. If the music sounds pretty good it’s unlikely to be a cable problem, etc.

My DAC display shows bit perfect via the USB input, but not via the I2s. It is unclear whether it is a source or a renderer problem. My source is Rockna Wavedream Net. Rockna seems unresponsive trying to resolve this.


Were you ever able to resolve this? I’m also not getting a bit perfect signal through I2S. Coax works, usb works, but not I2S. I’ve tried two different USB to ISB converters (ultraDigital and Matrix X SPDIF with identical results).

No. Rockna was requested to send some scope-plots to Ted, but they never did.