Directstream Junior Powering On and Display Issues

I just picked up a used DSJ and love the sound, but have 2 issues.

First, it powers on randomly. I use the remote to turn it off. Then an hour or two later, I see it’s on again. It’s just hooked up to ethernet and coax (Sonos). I use it as a preamp too. If I push the button on the DSJ, it also has this behavior.

Second, the display turns off and I can’t get it to come back on unless I power it down completely using the rear switch. I have the settings on auto on for the display, so changes in volume or input should activate the display. But they don’t. Pushing the little menu button on the display doesn’t help either.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Bridge is fully updated and it is on redcloud.


Does pressing the ON button on the remote turn the display back on?

There’s an automatic power on feature when the currently selected source starts sending data. I don’t remember if this is disableable, perhaps someone else will chime in or you can ask PS Audio support.

One of the input selections is auto and when in auto input select when a source starts up that sources is selected as the input. When it stops the input select reverts to the last playing input that’s still playing.

Also there have been (a very few) reports of having random stuff happening with the remote receiver is hit by sunlight just right. I haven’t had that happen with the Jr, but my in my old house my AV preamp used to do that about 4 days a year.

Thanks, Ted. Pushing the on button on the remote won’t turn the display on either.

This is all in my lower level/half-basement and the remote is not in the sun.

Would th Mconnect App be turning the Jr on somehow if it’s running in the background on my phone?

I don’t use the Bridge so I can’t answer questions there, sorry. I do know that the bridge can turn the DS and DS Jr on and it can control the volume, etc. But I don’t know what the control software might ask it to do.

Hi jhchernoff,

Thanks for posting this issue and sorry you’re having trouble.

To be clear pressing the Dim button on the remote shuts down the display illumination.
Pressing the On button on the remote should bring the display back up.
The Bridge II will only bring the display up if the brightness is set to “Auto” and any commands are sent (volume, audio, etc).

My advice would be to reset the unit.
Switch it off and back on after 10 seconds while holding the blue logo button.
Then press the menu button.
(Make sure your audio equipment is muted during this).

As well make sure that you are fully up to date with RedCloud firmware:

If you continue to have trouble just reach out to me at
or give us a call at (720) 406-8946 ext 2 and we’ll get you taken care of ASAP.


  • Jeremy

Thanks. I sent an email in. Let’s work through that channel. It’s not resolved with those steps.