DJ Jr display not working

My Directstream Junior’s display has stopped working :confused:

The DAC is functioning – I can change sources, volume etc but the display remains blank.

I’ve tried:

• the Dim button on the remote (duh)
• turning it off and on again (with the remote)
• turning it off (with the switch on the back), unplugging it, waiting a minute, plugging it back in and turning it on again
• turning it off, turning it on while holding down the blue power button on the DSjr for 10 seconds (read on a forum post) then releasing

But still no go. Is there anything else I can try, like a factory reset or something?

With the main power switch on the back OFF, press in the blue PS logo button on the front, and whilst continuing to press it, turn on the main power switch. At that point the PS button should flash (maybe I’m wrong about that) but whatever, that should reset the microprocessor. If your display still does not work might indicate a hardware malfunction of the display.

Which I see you’ve tried. As far as I know that’s about it, unless a connector inside has come loose. The DSJ is easy to open to check, and PS Audio should be cool with that without voiding the warranty. Obviously, if you do open it up make sure it’s disconnected from mains power. I don’t recall any other report of a failed DSJ display.

Thanks @Brodric

I retried those steps and it definitely reset because I can hear the attenuator is no longer engaged. I might not have waited long enough the first time. But the display is still blank unfortunately.

It’s not been moved for 6 months so I wouldn’t think a connection could have come loose, but stranger things have happened. I’ll contact support to confirm if they’re OK with me opening it up to check the connector. I’m keen to avoid shipping since I’m in New Zealand!

For the record I didn’t end up taking the top off – the display came back by itself after leaving the DAC unplugged overnight. Stranger things have happened I guess ¯\(ツ)

Just happened to me. Issue resolved. Turned main power switch off in back of DS jr waited an hour and turned back on. Works like a Charm . Understand it was a year ago however IMO never take the top off unless directed by PS Audio Tech.
Thanks for the resolution