DSjr Display Goes to Sleep and Won't Wake Up

I have had my DSjr for less than a week now and found one annoyance that I’m sure is a bug and not user error.

If I leave my DSjr in ‘On’ state (PSAudio logo shining blue) for a few hours without sending any signals to it, the Display goes off as expected, but it will never come back. I can then pump a signal to it, use the remote to increase/decrease volume, hit the Attenuator button to change volume, etc, but still the display remains black. I can switch tracks via Roon, the music plays but still the DSjr display remains off.

I turn off the unit via the PSAudio logo button, wait a minute, turn back on and still the display remains off. The only recourse I have is to turn the unit off via the main power button in the back and back on again. The display lights up, the unit reboots and I’m fine.

If a signal continues to pump to the unit the display will remain on and not go into this state. It only happens after the unit has been sitting idle for an hour or more while in the ‘On’ state.

I’m running the latest Torres software. Only input signal being used is via the Bridge which the unit says it has the latest version, though displays it as

Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else experienced this?

Have you tried the ON button on the remote when the display is blank? There’s a setting for the timeout before the display goes off. But as you mention it should come back on when you change the volume, inputs, etc. or when the sample rate / sample width changes.

Yes I’ve tried the On button to no effect. I’ve tried hitting the Off button on the remote too, wait a minute, hit the On again. Only thing that clears it is basically rebooting the box by circulating the rear power button, waiting the required one minute between Off and On.

No you are not doing something wrong. Let me see if I can recreate your problem and find the root cause of it. I have a similar issue on my DSjr at home, except when I get in this situation, I can no longer play audio with out a power cycle, so it seems to be a temperature issue, but yours does not seems to be the case. I will look into it and get back to you, hopefully a firmware update will fix the issue.

What “Display Time” setting are you using?

Does this happen as soon as the display goes off? Does it come back on it you hit a button shortly after goes off?


My Display Time is set to ‘Auto’.

Note I’ve been playing the unit now for 6 hours non-stop (streaming music to it for 6 hours non-stop) and the display remains on as expected. So I don’t think ‘heat’ has anything to do with it.

Thank you for taking the time to look into this.

I think this is unrelated to my issue at home. If I let the one on my desk go off, and immediately hit a button it comes right back on.

Does this happen as soon as the display goes off? Does it come back on it you hit a button shortly after goes off?


Dennis - Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to that one. I’ll need to catch it next time it happens. However I do recall a time or two when it was in this state that I was able to get the display working again without a hard boot. What did I do? If I recall correctly it came back after turning off & on via the PS Audio front button. How soon I did this after it went dark I really can’t say. It was more a case of walking into the room, seeing it dark and trying to resurrect it again. It was no more than two or three times I was able to bring it back this way.

Thanks, I’ll see if I can recreate it here. But for me for a short time it works like it is supposed. But I will try waiting a longer amount of time to see if I can recreate it and see what is going on.


Dennis an update for you.

I let it go idle, stopped the music. Within 10-15 minutes (can’t say exactly as I was making dinner) the display turned off. I went over and turned the volume nob and the display lit up again. Then I had a number of errands to run and came back to it in about 35-40 minutes and the entire unit appeared off. Started streaming music to it and the unit woke up (PS Audio button lit up blue) but the display remained off. I spun the dial and the music volume increased but the display remains off. It’s playing music absolutely fine but just without the display illuminated.

Thanks, That means there is some kind of timeout. I’ll be able to see in the morning when I check my unit at work


The one on my desk is working the way it is supposed to. The display came right back on this morning when I got here. What version of firmware are you running?


Torreys 2.7.11

Boot 01.13

USB 00.33

FPGA 00.113

Main 00.94


Thanks that is what I am running here, and I can’t reproduce it. It sounds like there is something wrong with your unit. Get a hold of support@psaudio.com and see what they can do about it, if you want to get this issue fixed.


I’ve posted an email to Support as you suggested. I’ve been toying around with some things and found that if I set the Display Time to anything other than Auto the problem seems to go away. I’m currently running it now with a 10 minute time out. It goes off in 10 minutes but always responds if I tickle it again.

See what support says.

Wow – I have EXACTLY the same issue as described in Raymond’s original email. It happens every once in a while - once a week? -and I am not able to ID any conditions that cause it to happen except it can/only happens after coming out of a sleep mode. The only solution I have found is a hard power on/off.

I will try changing display sleep time but suspect that is not the issue…

I will check back on this thread for advice / reaction. I am happy to work with PS Audio to diagnose the problem.

I have one here on my desk that is working correctly. But I have one at home that is doing the same thing. When you can’t get your display to come back on,can you still play music?


Yes, I can still play music and control the volume, and I think the other functions. I got an email from PS Audio tech support to try a firmware reboot. I will do so, but am away from home for the next couple of weeks so won’t be able to report back for a bit.

If you do this with the unit mirroring my issue, does it fix the problem?

I should have more information on the unit I have in house by the time you get back. I will let you know.


Hans:What are you using to play to your DSjr?


Playing Roon via Bridge exclusively… thanks