DirectStream Memory Player Power Cord

Anybody try different power cords with this player? Do they make a difference, recommendations?

Using stock cord now.

A handful of years ago I decked my system out with PS Audio AC-12 power cords. These stopped me wondering about power cords, and an AC-12 connected to the DMP is making wonderful sound right now as I type.

Yes I have some PS Audio cords on my other equipment, looking at one on the Gon

Shunyata Sigma Digital PC.


There are other things you can experiment with, in addition to upgrading the stock power cable. Regenerated power is an obvious choice. My DMP sits on Magico Qpods and if there was any sceptical doubt about such things there is doubt no more. Fuses are another thing to try, and I have tried upgraded fuses in just about everything other than DMP thus far. With these things that the DMP sits on, is connected with, and is connected to, can easily double your initial investment in the DMP.

I’ve had stellar results (with the “old” PWT though…) when using JPS Labs Aluminata power cords. Expensive, but worth every cent!

I have a spare Nordost Vishnu 2m with upgraded Furutech plugs waiting for mine.

I am using the Pangea 9 SE with good result. The Pangea tend to sound warm but very clear which I like. I also tried Acoustic Zen Absolute, which sounds even clearer, but not as warm as the Pangea. You really have to match the power cord to your system and taste. It’s good if you can borrow some cords to try before you buy because cords can really be expensive. Cabe Company loan out cords and cables to try if you buy. But I can tell you, cords can make as much a difference as other cables.