DirectStream Memory Player - Touch screen not responding!

Touch screen on my DMP has stopped responding. Player works fine otherwise, Ijust have to use remote when playing CD’s. All information is shown at the screen but not possible to enter setup or operate the player from the screen. Any idea what is wrong?

Have you tried powering it down and unplugging it for a while?

Yes and also tried to reboot several times…should also have the latest software installed…

Nuts. I hoped it would be simple.

I suggest calling PS Audio service and see if they have ideas or if it needs to go home for a visit.

There’s a recalibration procedure that can be done. Hopefully that’s all there is to resolve this.

I live in Norway and not sure if the local dealer can do it. I will have to ask them… Since I’m able to operate the DMP from the remote and play all my music it’s not a big deal :slight_smile:

Try calibrating the screen as suggested above:

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I had a weird thing happen to my screen once on a power plant and I just ran my finger around the edge of the entire touch screen and voila started working again. I think it may have been an accident static discharge. YMMV

Problem solved !! Calibration did the job…thanks mate :smiley:



Thanks for letting us know.

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