DMP screen went!

I was playing CD’s through my DMP tonight and all was fine.I turned off my DAC,DMP and Pre amp and when I turned them all back on everything was fine except the screen on my DMP had gone blank. I could use the remote to open and close the door but nothing else. I decided to try to re-download the software and when I did so it came right back with the blank white screen…does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations,I really want to avoid having to ship it back to PS Audio and am very frustrated…everrything else works fine

My understanding is this can be software related or the board behind the screen and the assembly has to be replaced.

I would call PS Audio Monday. In the interim, you could try reverting to older firmware and see if this knocks some sense into the unit.

sadly i have reinstalled 2.06 and that didnt work so I then tried 2.08 with the same sad result of a blank screen

Yikes. Can you give us a ring on Monday? Jeremy or TJ may be able to help from afar. If not, we’ll surely turn it around quickly. My apologies for the hassle.

Than you, I sure hope it can be fixed from the phone and avoid the hassle of shipping it back!!

Ok, to my great satisfaction after pulling the plug out overnight I reinstalled 2.06 and started it up and to my surprise the screen came up and it initialized and now it seems to be working. I am thrilled it is working now but wary since I have no idea why it stopped working or started working again and want to avoid this happening again in the future

Excellent news, but I understand the feeling of not really having fixed the problem.

My guess is that the firmware somehow became corrupted and the reinstall fixed it. As I mentioned in my first post, the problem can be software related.

Perhaps but I did try to reinstall firmware last night but it did not fix the issue. Only this morning after a night with the plug out did it reinstall and so far seems to have solved the problem. We shall see going forward or the next time I turn it off and back on!!!

bad news again…i was playing various CD’s today and all of a sudden the screen went blank once again during play…it continued to work and I was able to control the CD with the remote and eject it etc but the screen remained blank…sadly it appears there is some kind of malfunction beyond just reinstalling the firmware must admit to being dejected!

I had this same problem with a static gray/white screen after a PG&E brownout. I tried several things and could not get any satisfaction, so I got the PSA permission and sent the unit back, but keeping the SIM card. PSA received the unit and could not find anything wrong and sent it back to me. Everything worked fine until another brownout, and the screen went white again. This time I ejected the SIM, powered off and unplugged from the rear, and left. it unplugged overnight. The next morning I downloaded the latest firmware (it had’t changed, powered up, and everything was working fine again after assuring the operating system was from the DMP Memory and the SIM was not installed. For me the key point was once you have downloaded the firmware remove the SIM card, as leaving it installed may confuse the operating system during power disruptions.

Just to clear up some potential confusion. It wouldn’t be a SIM card. that’s for wireless phones. It’s an SD Card, that has the software on it.

In my case I did not have any power outage…i was able to get it working again by also unplugging and reinstalling the firmware after leaving it overnight…it seemed to be working fine until during playback of CD the screen all of a sudden went blank again…everything kept working but the screen remains blank sadly

followup for all those so nice to be of help…i once again power cycled the unit and pulled out the SD card and came back up initializing and is for the moment working…i have little confidence that it will continue to work though given the past day…we shall see i suppose. Removing the SD card keeps you from getting the album cover displayed while you play an album sadly

Just a random thought - I don’t know if it will help, but it doesn’t hurt to try: You might format the SD card. If you are writing to the card when the power goes out you can corrupt the card. Then future reads and writes may get unexpected errors and/or the wrong data. If indeed having the SD card makes a difference with the screen, reformatting it might help to keep the problem from happening.

in my case i never had the power go out,this occurred randomly as far as i can tell…