DMP touchscreen unresponsive after 1 second power outage. Multiple screen recalibrations not helping

We had a very brief power outage after which my DMP’s screen is no longer responding to touch.

Multiple full reboots of the machine are not correcting the issue.

Anyone have any ideas about the next step?

Try calibrating the screen… From memory didn’t you do this just a week or so ago when your screen was inverted ? If so, just repeat the procedure again… I had a similar situation when the mains was interrupted !

Yes, but what I’m saying is that I’ve tried the screen recalibration several times already with no change in the problem.

Ok……Sorry. I thought from reading your post that you had just rebooted - as in power cycling.

You have had some time of it lately with your DS screen, etc…!

Yep, but I’m still enjoying the best sound in my listening room I’ve ever heard.

It would be real nice if all these OS glitches on my DS and DMP could be permanently cleaned up though.

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Yes, both the DS and DMP are truly wonderful products. I still find it difficult to comprehend how they can drag so much music out of a CD ! When I play the same CD’s on standard CD-players - albeit top drawer CD-players, it sounds like lifeless Muzak.