DirectStream Memory Player USB Input

Getting excited about the DMP I have on order and have a few questions?

Is the front USB input 3.0 compliant?

What is the optimum size USB thumb drive?

I have my entire Super Audio collection ripped to DSF files an am curious if they will play and display the meta-tagging via the USB input.

The front input is limited by the internal Oppo BDT-101 which, like its BDP-103 and 105 siblings, only supports USB 2.0, though you can still connect to a USB 3.0 device. You shouldn’t have any performance issues provided the files on the USB device are not fragmented.
There isn’t really an optimum size. I’ve successfully used devices ranging in size from 8GB to 8TB. Navigating a USB device through the front panel alone can be a bit tedious and you’ll soon see ways to develop a folder structure that will make browsing easier. Navigation using the Media Control app is considerably better and provides greatly enhanced access to the metadata encoded in your files.
Enjoy your DMP - it is an excellent audio player as documented and an extremely versatile machine if you’re willing to spend the time to uncover its potential.

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Thanks for the quick response PB.

Am I to understand you can control the music on the USB thumb drive with a software program called Media Control. Where do I download it and can I put that on a smart phone and select music from a distance?

Yes! I’ve sent you a forum message with the details.


Wow, thanks for the detailed instructions PB.
I modify every piece of audio gear that I decide to keep.

The DirectSteam Memory Player is definitely a keeper!!!

The front USB is not 3.0 compliant.

The unit can handle about any size stick but best if there aren’t too many files. It was always designed as a convenience input for a few tracks. The navigation system is a bit crude and was never though of as well managed directory for big libraries. Again, it’s a convenience input so you can listen to a friend’s CD or files.

Would love to be able to control the USB input on the DMP with an app. How do you do it?

Thanks for the clarification Paul.

Paul can you tell me if the DMP will be able to used as a ripping transport for the upcoming media server.

It will not, but the new one we are designing as its replacement will.

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I have no idea, but if there’s a way it would be cool indeed.