Directstream Mk 2 observations

Hi @Paul,
Any update on the next MKII code update?

Hoping to be internally testing it this week. Getting close!!!


That will be a massive early Christmas gift from PSA🕺🏻



Please pretty please, I’d like to see the update via ethernet cable option to be enabled soon. So I don’t have to do Yoga everytime I try to find the USB port in the back of the unit.


Donald, The SW6 is delivered yet?

There a lot to be said for this approach to life :slight_smile:

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It is scheduled to be here on Dec. 3rd. I have two BNC cables to tryout the clocks too. I hope I’ll not hear any difference.

If you do hear a difference, there are many Nordust BNC cables to try :smiley: :japanese_ogre:

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OH NO! :man_facepalming:

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Jokes aside, depending what you hear with the clock input of the sw6, I might have sprung for the sw10 in the future too… or I’ll starting looking for a decent 10Mhz clock that won’t break any banks.

Been playing with different clocks in my streamer, the chances you won’t hear a clock change in your system is, imho, very small.

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Bravo! Thanks kindly

Keep your shorts on… you should like this one. :grin:

Just received my DS mk 2 - 2 days ago. Such a wonderful dac, I’m totally impressed.
I have 2 headphones amps and one of them have RCA input while the other one XLR. I read manual and it’s not recommended use both outputs at same time. But it’s not fine to change outputs every day as well =)))
Does anyone faced this before and tried use both outputs?

I use mine similarly, though rca to preamp, xlr to headphone amp. I don’t power them on at the same time.

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Actually listening to it now. Wowsers. More to come!


I’ve been pleased after each update; I’m sure this one with get my ya yas out too.

…for any PSA product that is.

Wow… looking forward to the release of this version, hard to comprehend that it could be even better than the current beta version, which already sounds wonderful.

Can’t wait to order a version from PS Audio.

Delighted with it as it stands and can’t wait for the new upgrade. One issue that I really hope the new upgrade addresses, though, is the tendency to ramp up to the attack transient on the first note of a recording (as if the first guitar or piano attack is bowed, or quickly brought up to volume with a fader).