DirectStream P15

Going from the P600 to P15 was astounding! I was amazed at how much detail I was previously missing. As well the soundstage and clarity bought a smile to my smile. Much thanks to the PS Audio engineers!

Thanks! When did you get your P15? This is the first public note I’ve seen because we just started shipping them.


I got mine on Friday, May 11.

It is a real game changer. I have a very open system between the DS DAC, M700s and MicroZOTL MZ2 preamp so I was extremely surprised and happy with the sound from my Martin Logan Ethos speakers.

Not only was the soundstage enhanced but the increase in dynamics and clarity were astounding.

As I am retired and have the opportunity to listen to music very regularly, it was just a joy and surprise how much the P15 impacted the SQ.

I certainly enjoy the information from your daily updates and most of all agree with your philosophy of venturing into the world with an open mind and learning from others.

Many blessings to you and family!

Don Baker


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Are the dimensions of the P15 including feet or not?

17” W x 14” D x 8.5” H

I believe the specifications reflect the case and not the feet.

I hope you’re wrong! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its 8.5” high including the feet.

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We always include the feet when providing a height measurement so the 8.5” includes the feet.

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I only got to listen to my P15 for 3 days before heading out of town. Now that I am back home and removed my power conditioner from being plugged into the P15 - an absolutely huge change! The P15 is more than a game changer - it really has allowed me to hear the synergy of my other system components. The P15 is a huge bargain!

That’s good to hear. What components is it powering?

My new P15 arrived yesterday, got it hooked up last night, spent about two hours auditioning the new unit, right out of the box showed itself to be significantly better than the P10 it replaced (which was pretty darn good).

I immediately noticed better defined bass, and as I continued to audition, heard details in some of my favorite music I’d never noticed before. It seemed that my DirectStream DAC was able to extract more detail from the source, connected to the P15.

Great job PS Audio!

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Please don’t tell me that. I want to hear, “it’s better but hard to tell for sure.”


Thank you! I am delighted you immediately recognized the improvements. Can’t wait to hear what you think once it breaks in.

Does the 12 have the same buss bar architecture?

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Sort of. The P15 and P20 share the same 1/4” thick copper bar arrangement while the P12 has a buss bar too but not of the same material and thickness. On the P12 it’s thinner gauge so it fits.

I am a couple clicks away from trading in my P10 for a P15. I’ve put aside the money and arranged the best deal. I just haven’t yet pulled the trigger. Was going to do it Friday but I held out over the weekend.

Tell me why I should or shouldn’t replace my 2 year old P10 for a new P15!!!

I can tell you why you should - and you should - because the difference in sound quality is immediate and obvious. I’ve yet to find anyone who has done this not shaking their head and asking “why did I wait?” It’s really big.

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I almost always have the same angst before I pull the trigger on something new.

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