Directstream stop working every 3 or 4 hours ... need reboot!

Thank you scotte1. Great
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I had this issue as well with Windom and straight USB into the DS. When I started investigating, I found that it was doing it consistently when the my PC/FOOBAR was moving from higher rez (24-192) to lower rez (24-96 or lower). It was during some testing of the Matrix after the Windom update. Normally, I use Matrix to AES/EBU with absolutely no issues, and prefer that sound much better anyway. I stick with that and don’t look back.


I’m going to send an email your way with some files. Let’s see if this helps.

Thank you Flip 49
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Thank you very much Jamesh…

How should I use them? I put them all on a single card and reinitialize by switching off and on as a normal sw loading?
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Exactly. Use them like you’ve done with the other loads. Then go into the settings screen and make sure Windom has loaded.

I did it… now it’s working ( I checked on panel and windom is loaded ), i’m already listening …
let me check it keep working some hours without freeze…
Thank you very much James and to all for your support !!
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Please do. I’ll have my fingers crossed over here hoping it doesn’t freeze.

Hi James, my fingers was crossed too !!
Here the response:
For at least three hours everything was fine, then it stopped … I reset and started working again, but this time for only an hour … then freeze again…
Now here it is morning and I have to go to work, I will come back this evening and do some more tests (I would like to see how he behaved with redcloud) Obviously I will follow your every advice.
Thank you very much

Lorenzo, sorry to hear it’s still happening. I just sent you an email.

Hi James,
this morning I loades Redcloud before go to work, and it’s still working…
it seems a mystery …
with Huron and Redcloud ok
with Snowmass and Windom Freeze …
Can it depend on my windows 10 pc? ( it look work well) I use it to manage Jriver mc26, while the data is stored on QNAP on the network.
Thank you again

Hi James,
I can confirm with loaded redcloud DS is working without problem,
I will stop on this release for the moment … i have not more ideas , but of course any your suggest is welcome…
Thank you again to all

Hi James, Hello everybody,
I would like to share the resolution of the problem inherent in the fact that when mounting windom or snowmass the Ds stopped after some time:
I have installed the bridge II and everything now works regularly, because I have removed the usb cable, that is, to connect my PC with the DS - now I don’t use the driver, this was giving me problems, and I tested everything on two differentiu PCs using JRiver.
I hope my experience will help someone,
I thank everyone who helped me to find the solution.
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