Directstream stop working every 3 or 4 hours ... need reboot!

Hello everybody,
can someone please help me with this problem?
My Directstream with Windom works fine but every 3 or 4 hours it freezes and I have to turn it off and on (reboot) to keep it working.
Can you give me a suggestion how to avoid this inconvenience? (with Huron it didn’t happen)
Thank you very much

The very first thing I would try is, re-load Huron (or any other firmware prior to Windom), then do a fresh install of Windom. This has resolved odd quirks for many users on the forum here when anomalies such as this popped-up for no apparent reason.

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If you are using a non PS Audio I2S input device, just as an experiment, unplug it from the DS and see if something changes. Some non PS Audio I2S devices provide 5V power and depending on their precise voltage and amperage capability they can be fighting with the DS’s power supply.


Thank you for your prompt replay,
really i don’t use any I2S port, my PC is connected by USB port.
Thanks again

Thank you Ted for your priompt answer,
I m going to reload Huron ( and test again to be sure it work correctly for some time, then i’ll load again Windom … and i hope it start to work correctluy again…)
in two days i will back with results.
Thank again
Best regards

If u using usb i would also test with another cable.

It can even PS Audio® NuWave® Phono Converter (NPC). do over I2S - with me it turns the volume down on Directstream to 50 … bad

more love Michael

Thank you for your suggest,
I reloaded Huron and in first i test my Ps working 10 hours non stop… everything ok, no one problem… then i reloaded Windom an after 1 hour it stopped . ( so I needed turn off and on again to reinizializate ).
Really I don’t know why Ps refuse my Windom. ( can you suggest me another Sw not so old like Huron ?)
Thank you everybody

Sounds like internal memory has gone faulty. I think it will need repairing

Hi Chris,
Thank you for your opinion,
of course i hope no, it could be a problem about time to repair.
anyway i would like to test before with another Sw like redcloud or other… is very strange wich if i load Heron on Directstream is working without problem.
Best regards

I believe different versions use different memory blocks but Ted would have to confirm

You could be right, i wonder if we have possibility to check all block memory downloading a software on sd card.

I doubt that something is wrong with the FPGA memory - there are built-in checks for those kind of problems. But the problem might be outside of the FPGA: some versions of he FPGA software use the rest of the hardware differently than others.

Knowing what inputs and outputs are being used and what file resolution is being played might help to narrow things down. Indeed it could possibly be outside the DAC for some versions of the Bridge or some USB drivers or even (as mentioned above) some USB cables, etc.

Also is the system running hot by any chance? Is the DS on top of a hot component?

Is there any chance that you are getting small power glitches?

In any case, PS Audio support might be the best way to go.

When it freezes does playback stop and is the display unresponsive? Do you have it plugged into the wall or are you going through a conditioner or regenerator?

Here is an idea:


If you have not yet picked up the phone, I urge you to do so.

FWIW, I find the type of near-endless speculation that sometimes occurs in threads such as this maddeningly unproductive and, arguably, detrimental to PS Audio customers’s and spectators’ “knowledge base”. Myths and unsubstantiated problems and ineffective or wrong-headed “solutions” take on a life of their own outside of the original thread and, in the end, have no impact on resolution of the original problem.

Please know that I am in no way criticizing your reaching out through this forum initially. It is often the best way to get a quick answer that resolves a known issue. As soon as it is apparent that a quick fix is not on the [Edit: fingertips] of one or more responders, the value of this forum often plummets. Seems like a quick fix is not in the offing in this instance…

All of this is just my opinion, of course. So, please carry on if you feel like you are making progress.

If it were me, I would be burning up the phone lines at PS Audio first thing Monday morning. Maybe I am too impatient.

Good luck with resolving your issue and I hope this did not come off too much like a rant.



Thank you Ted,
the system doesn’t is not on any worm component, and it is not worm, it doesn’t look any problem about power , i have not Bridge installed,
Tomorrow i’ll try to change usb cable,
don’t forget it work without problem with Huron, will be interesting to load another software like snowmass or recloud ( wich one do you suggest me ?)…
Ultimately I will contact support here in Italy to find a solution.

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Thank you Scotte1,
I was hoping to use this line as a last resort also because I don’t speak your language very well and speaking by phone can sometimes be complicated.
I will take your advice into consideration.
Best Regards

Doubly tough for you for sure… Again, I wish you the best of luck in your search for a solution.


BTW, given the subject matter, your (written) English and attempts to resolve this through the forum is to be admired.


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Hi James,
When the system stops play is stopped , I have not connected anything from the air conditioner or regenerator. (only with windom, with Huron everything works).
Best regards

Another suggestion for you (it won’t be an instant fix but it is worth a try unless and until you can get on the phone with PS Audio or otherwise get this sorted):

Contact @jamesh via PM (or through this thread) and ask him to arrange to have the Windom firmware update sent to you on a SD card “direct from the factory” - so to speak.

Without getting into the details, the DS DAC is susceptible to some weird software loading/over-write issues for some users. The best way to reduce, if not eliminate, user error with regard to downloading and installing firmware updates and/or a bad SD card (or a corrupt set of code) is to try an SD card supplied by PS Audio.

I am very confident that PS Audio would mail a Windom-loaded SD card to you, gratis if you were to just ask.


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