DirectStream Time/Evolution Question

Am considering buying a DirectStream from a private seller with the Bridge II upgrade. He claims the device is around 5 1/2 years old. Have there been any hardware updates in these from back then to now or are they essentially the same product? Should I stay away from one this old? Opinions welcomed


I don’t believe there are any hardware differences, only the multiple firmware upgrades. I personally think you’re safe purchasing a used DS. Plus it’s already broken in. If the price is right and you trust the seller, I’d go for it. Mine is that old and I have had no issues. Additionally, I’ll add that the DS is the heart of my system. It was more money than I’d ever spent on a DAC, but I have never regretted the purchase.

Many DS’s started life as a PerfectWave DAC or a PerfectWave DAC Mk II. As brumtech said: The hardware hasn’t changed since the initial release. Mine are certainly that old :slight_smile:

I bought a PerfectWave DAC MkII about mid life span for that device. Shortly after the PWD was announced, I had PSA update it. It has worked perfectly it’s entire life. Best money I’ve ever spent on this hobby (and like many on this site, I’ve spent some money).

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The first samples of the PerfectWave DirectStream DAC shipped at the end of April 2014