Disposable Income

What is the current outlook for industries like the audio industry that are dependent upon the percentage of disposable income available. Given the current health concerns with large scale layoffs from various business sectors how likely is it that we will see some perhaps smaller but well loved brands unable to continue. I am sure some of the mid to large size companies will weather the storm all be it not without some pain. I ask this as I am considering some new gear and am questioning myself if now is the right time or should I wait. My new spend is targeted at audio but it could just as easily be for something else like a car or tv etc. Are you holding back at this time or are you not so worried about getting through the current issues.

TV is depressing right now. I think that more people are trying to make the best of things indoors. Audio will be fine. I know that in my house music is playing in most rooms.


The irony is with so much in my area closed down (even the cinemas are shuttered short-term, sniff!) I’m listening to and enjoying my rig more than ever. Buying music and playing with tweaks to my system. While I’m watching my budget as well I’m not ruling out more gear if the price is right. Music in my home reproduced by my high end system as solace from COVID-19 has risen in priority.

Now that I’m working from home, the system stays on all day with some fantastic background music. Can’t help but thinking how better it would sound with those new speakers I’ve been eyeballing for a while… :grimacing:


Great to hear some positive outlooks

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Similarly board game sales are way up, as are sales of video games. Interestingly, vintage 20 year old video games are selling like mad.

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Home fitness equipment sales are way up as well.

That’s a thought I have a bunch of old board games in the basement. I think I will go dig them out

Of course. But this did not occur to me.

My guess is new streaming contracts are also up.

I am not one to do a good deal of purchasing as I fortunately do not have the acquisition/collecting gene. Any purchasing I do will come out of cash; the stock market decline remains a paper loss as long as I do not sell any of the investments. Others are far from being so fortunate.

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I bought a truck load of AAA’s for my new board games…

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My SO just let me know that the yoga studio she usually goes to has begun doing live-stream classes. I don’t think they are charging as much, but they would be able to accept more people at once as opposed to packing everyone into the studio. I’m curious how many of these adapting business models will stick.

It has to be said, in Italy in the last month sales of sex toys have increased by 70%. They know how to have a good time in adversity. Statistics for Iran are unavailable.


I disposed some in the stock market…


Serious? Then I expect that from France, too :wink:

Others probably rather orientate in porn video, weapon or gaming acquisitions :astonished:

I think that micro brands will be wiped out by the current situations. The big companies will contract with the explosion of the used market as people start to unload equipment desperately for cash. The boutique brands will see a slow down but will make it through at the other side of this timescale. Disposable income has began contraction. Just my humble opinion and wish to be wrong.

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I hope you’re wrong too, but I don’t think you are. Things are going to get rough for small companies without cash reserves.

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