How to make money (or lose it) in the music and audio business

Thought I’d open a general thread on this, having read the report below about how the UK live music business and related tourism has grown dramatically in recent years, which is certainly a good thing. We will happily travel overseas for a show.

If you like physical media and want to get depressed, google the RIAA website, which will put you off investing in a CD manufacturing plant.

I’ve only really been interested in buying from companies that are financially sound. In the UK it’s easy to check. It’s especially important when you are relying upon software updates and support. For example, people over here were raving about Audionet products and then they went bust with no notice.

I also take the simplistic view that if a company is successful it’s because consumers like their products and that is a good recommendation to me rather than from some weekend reviewer. When something is advertised as “rare” and “difficult to find” I assume it means it wasn’t very good and not many people bought it.

And then there are the Tidal and MQA financial time bombs ticking away …


This is why one of the best streaming unit manufacturers, Auralic, is run/owned by a guy in his early 30’s who set up his business on graduating.

Linn was rescued from near bankruptcy because Gilad, the owner’s son and a business and engineering graduate, told his father to stop making CD players and conventional boxes and make streaming and Class D amplifiers instead. That was well over 10 years ago and has been a big success.

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