DIY delights

Can I just say that I built this little project to display the album art of whatever my Sonos speaker is playing at the moment. I used a cheap, single board computer that cost $25 and a screen that cost $70. I got the software to make it work free on the internet. I have subsequently figured enough out about it to customize the font and spacing of the song and album titles. I built a small wooden box to hold it and cut a matte on my cutter to hide the actual guts.

I take inordinate amounts of joy at this stupid thing. Every time I look up I get a little thrill that such a dumb, stupid thing exists.


That’s fantastic! Nicely done.

When you get a chance it would be great if you listed the build list.

Raspberry Pi 3 (because I had one lying around; they’re hard to find these days. He recommends an A-model but they’re scarce.)

Pimoroni Hyperpixel 4.0 Square non-touch version (Microcenter carries them if you have one nearby)

Little wooden box made using 1/4” plywood lying around the shop.

Matte cut to fit the screen and hide the poorly built wooden box with my Cricut.

3M adhesives and Velcro and such to hang it on my cube wall.

Software and directions here:

The entire thing is built with Python 3 and depends on a WebAPI for Sonos that runs on the Pi. I don’t know Python but did do some programming in college so I was able to understand the basics well enough to customize it to use Helvetica instead of the fixed-width font he specifies. It’s well done though. He parses song titles for length and adjusts font size and screen space to fit. It’s a neat little project. He’s a smart guy.



What a fun project. I am putting into this coming winter backlog.

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