Homemade PSB Imagine Mini stands

Thought I’d share a few pics of my homemade PSB Imagine Mini stands. These are in the main part of our house, where I run four sets of assorted speakers through an NAD D7050 digital networked amplifier for non-serious listening. (Although, I will say, the Imagine Mini’s do sound pretty good.)

Just didn’t feel like shelling out $300 for stands I could make myself for a tenth the cost. (Granted, mine would be made of pine and baltic birch plywood, and not metal like the PFS-27 stands, but still.) Plus, I wanted mine to be white to blend into the living room, and I didn’t really want to rattle-can the nice PSB units.

This is what I modeled mine after.

Hollow interior channel can accommodate sand/bb’s/weights if desired. Added holes for routing speaker wire. They’re currently in situ, but I’ll paint them white today and am upgrading the speaker wire beyond the lampcoard variety. :wink:


Wow, those are amazing! You really have talent!!

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Very nicely done!

All done!

Wound up using the same latex enamel as the interior trim. Color matched much better than the spray-can white.


Those look great. Well done!

Nice! They look great in white. Definitely a good call, I think.

Custom stands for specific speakers really blend in - no top mount plates larger than speakers.

Really well done.

thanks for the nice comments.

funny thing was that I wrestled with the decision to order the “official” PSB stands for months. Just couldn’t pull the trigger. In the grand scheme of audiophile purchases, $300 isn’t that big of a deal. Hell, half you folks probably drop $300 just elevating your speaker wire off the floor.

Anyway, much more satisfying to make em my damn self, especially for probably $20. (Or less, really, as the wood was just sitting around gathering sawdust in my workshop.)


Incredible what some inexpensive materials and a lot of talent can get you!
I was reading comments about a $30,000 set of speakers the other day. One of the posters was saying , the speakers shouldn’t cost more than $5k, because the components cost that much! People don’t realize the skill that goes into fine craftmanship! It’s like basing the price of a Van Gogh on the materials used!