DMP and Stellar Strata DAC

Will the DMP recognize the Stellar Strata DAC via I2S? I have my DMP (Front Stereo) connected to my Stellar Strata integrated via I2S, but all my SACD disks seem to outputting PCM. My SACD Mode on the DMP is set to Stereo SACD and my Connections setting shows None. On the DMP main screen it identified the disk as SACD but shows the output as PCM. Sound great, but I don’t think I’m hearing the DSD SACD layer.

The main screen

and the play screen

Ok, lets try this question - does anyone know of a list of DACs the DMP is compatible with through its I2S interface? Sure appears than the DAC in the Strata is not compatible.

I would give PSA a call if I were you.

Might be quicker path to a definitive answer…


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I did contact PS Audio Support and Support Specialist TJ Tomasetti responded very quickly with the answer and all the instructions and necessary files to perform a firmware upgrade on the DMP and problem solved! Thank you Mr. TJ Tomasetti

DSD! Yeah!