DMP Interim update code

Head over to downloads if you own a DMP. There, you’ll find an interim version of DMP code labeled 2.08. You can go back and forth between the current 2.06 and 2.08 with ease if you’re unhappy with the changes.

2.08 is not finished and polished firmware. That is still a work in progress. We’re having to rebuild a year’s worth of work and that’s taking time. But, I am currently using 2.08 and it works a great deal better than what you’re using now with 2.06. The only caveats are to be found with data sticks. There, we’ve got some funkiness in the menuing system if you’ve got more than a few tracks.

If you’re using CD, SACD, or data discs you should be happier with the performance and ease of use of 2.08. In my opinion, a definite step up and one I use almost daily.

I felt it was important that we show some progress.


That’s nice Paul. I have no luck downloading and upgrading, I always order an SD card from PS Audio to use. . . I’ll see if I can order one today or next week. Thanks!

Excellent news!

Thanks Paul. Ordinarily, I am an early adopter but my DMP has been flawless and I’m loathe to touch it. What differences will we find?

What a nice Friday gift. I just loaded to via the SD card and it went very smoothly. I am playing an SACD now and will listen this evening and report back. Thanks Paul.

Oh what the heck—I did it. It’s playing now. The best sound and all this fun. Woo hoo, thanks Paul.

Presumably the rebuilt OS will have a 3.x moniker, so 2.06 is a tweaking of the original tangled spaghetti version OS?

Two SACDs in and I can tell you that this is a big improvement in SQ. More depth and detail. I love it. I did however find a bug. If you press stop while the music is playing and then press play again the player acts as if it is playing the track but no audio output is heard. You have to eject the CD and start over to get it to play okay. This is from the LCD display. I did not try it from the remote.

It makes the playing of tracks a bit smoother and has fewer hiccups. Some have reported better sound, something I’ll check this afternoon. Might be the better clock speeds.



Update went flawlessly. The sound seems more transparent. I continued playing the CD that was playing when I updated and discovered that I could play it at a higher volume. A nice upgrade. Thanks Paul.

Paul,any fix for the DMP display…”coursing wave of brightness” in this update? If not,will there be?

This code does have a change in it for the screen backlight. It should resolve any scan lines you might be seeing.

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Bueno! Mille Mercis Paul and all. Immediately better. More responsive, legible, etc. Thanks!

Can the display brightness be dimmed?
I can not find the control if it can be done.

Yes. Use the menu you can get to with the ‘…’ icon on the top right. Then use the ‘>’ icon on the top right again. Then you should see a setting for brightness.



I thought there would be more chatter about this after 9 hours. And only 13 downloads.
Do it for the sound quality increase.
It ain’t exactly subtle.

YES: I have to agree with you there is indeed a definite improvement in sound quality ! In my case the reason I didn’t sprint to load the files was down to apprehension ( others might be of a similar mindset )…Moving from one far from perfect O/S to another far from perfect O/S doesn’t exactly fill one with confidence !! The DMP O/S is a debacle. Ted should have been greenlighted to write the code as he is on another level…

Well the problem with the downloads is that first the only way to know about it is to be a forum subscriber and then to have been on line on a Friday night and then to have read the post. I suspect more will see it over the weekend and the downloads will double and then triple. There is also the problem of beta code. Some steer away from beta code. Given the increase in SQ I think the beta code is well worth it. It’s not even close. This code is much closer to a world class SQ than was the previous 2.06. Let’s see on Monday how many downloads happened over the entire weekend.

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