DMP I2S Distorted Output

Just purchased a DMP. Upgraded from PWT. I have an Audio-gd R2R 7 Dac with I2S input. With the PWT I had no audio issues with the I2S input on the DAC, but now that I have upgraded to the DMP the output is distorted. I did try the PS Audio HDMI cable, but it made no difference. Using SPDIF output on the DMP the output is ok. I am not sure how to find out which device is at fault because I have no other device that is capable of I2S. Any Ideas?

Make sure you have the I2S/HDMI cable plugged into the correct socket. There are three sockets, the one on the left is marked “Front (Stereo)” and is the one you want. If that is not it, and no one else offers a solution, you may want to call PS Audio tomorrow.

Thank You for the reply. It is plugged into Front/Stereo HDMI input.

I thought about this a little more and the issue may be with the Audio-Gd DAC. Not sure if their I2S/HDMI input is compatible with PS Audio’s implementation. I did a quick search and the only thing that came up was someone mentioning they were using a Singxer converter for I2S and an Audio-Gd unit. This infers to me they are not compatible. My suggestion is go to the thread titled “Compatible I2S source devices” and look at post 190 by holzohr. if that doesn’t help i would still give PS Audio a call.

The manual for the Audio-gd R2R 7 states “HDMI LVDS (I2S Only) - PS-Audio compatible pin layout”. It was working with the PWT. I cannot check it with the PWT now because it has been returned to PS Audio. I do not know if there is a difference between the PWT I2S and the DMP I2S that would cause this issue. Just disappointing, just received DMP on Saturday Feb. 24th.

There have been a few DS’s which act a little differently with one I2S input vs the other. If you haven’t already, you can try the other I2S input.

Ted, he’s not using a DS, he has an Audio-Gd DAC. I would suspect therein lies the problem, though the obvious things don’t seem to be the problem. Not sure if PS Audio support knows much about the DAC, but that seems to be the next step.

Duh, thanks. There’s a remote possibility that that DAC is getting confused by the handshake to check for the possibility of sending DSD, but I don’t think that would be the case.

Geez, should have thought of that handshake thing. Was the OP trying to play an SACD? If so it won’t work, the Audio-Gd doesn’t know the secret handshake. Could still be a related issue if it is a CD, but that’s beyond my pay grade.

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I thought it might be handshake issue myself, but not familiar with the design to say yes or no. The Audio-gd R2R 7 does have a RJ45 (LVDS) I2S only input, but it is not specified PS Audio compatible.

Sorry I was not clear on media I am trying to play. I am playing a standard Red Book CD.