DMP Playlist interface issue

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Firstly, is there a way to use the website to replace incorrect CD info when the option of “Get Details” is not presented or is this only feasible by doing it manually?
Secondly, is my Playlist protected from others changing it? I had the full track details on the O’Jays “Backstabbers” in my Playlist. It has been replaced by a new track listing where all the tracks are listed as “unknown” and the same for artist. I cannot change this using Discogs etc. as this option is not presented and I don’t want to waste time manually changing everything to find that that the Playlist on the DMP does not bring up the changes from my Playlist.

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Yes, you can edit your playlist and the data manually through My PS portion of the website as long as you are registered. You can choose to share your edits with the community if you wish or not, that’s your choice.

I think what mazarine1643 is getting at is once there is an entry in the My Playlist for a CD you loose the ability to populate the fields with the Discogs database. This can be frustrating as your only option to fix the entries is through manual edits with the rather clunky online form. In those cases where the existing disc record in My Playlist is a complete mess, it would be very, very nice to be able ignore the existing record and create a new one using the Discogs data. This would be considerably easier than fixing each field by hand.

Also, I too have had disc metadata that I entered replaced by different data later on. This does cause some degree of aggravation even if this data is more or less correct as if any field value in My Playlist changes, the DMP re-downloads the entire record, often mangling the artwork in the process.

Sounds familiar - but how do you change a populated My Playlist if you cannot access Discogs?
Also I have CDs that play in the DMP with full detail - title, artist, CD title that do not show up on My Playlist and CDs that are neither recognized on the DMP nor show on the Playlist. Very inconsistent.

No sure if there is anything wrong with the server at PS Audio. The Playlist records what I have been playing which suggests there is nothing wrong with the connection, but I am not able to input any information or edit the Playlist. I cannot call up the interface to input the information.

Same here - just a spinning “loading” icon.

Same here since this morning. New discs are being added to my Playlist, but I can’t edit them. Click on an entry to edit it and the progress circle just spins endlessly and the details never open. Almost as if the data has been set to Read Only.

So I am not alone. I trust someone at PS Audio will look into this.

We’re on it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

This issue should be fixed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

The system currently does not allow cover art to be uploaded. Disks however are recognized and tracks properly displayed.

You are correct, Elk. Sorry about that. Working on correcting album artwork upload now.

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(I have an annoying tendency to beta test everything. :slight_smile: )

This has been corrected. You will need to reload the page after the upload in order to see the new artwork in the playlist. I’ll continue to work to smooth that process out, but at a minimum artwork can be uploaded.

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Well done! It works just as advertised.

Thank you!