DMP occasionally not displaying album art

Hi PS Audio hive,

tonight (and occasionally on other disks) I am playing

Paul Beaudey & Pathways / Americas CD. The album and artwork is correctly entered in ’ my playlist’ and the SD card is correctly installed in the DMP.

But the artwork is not displayed on the DMP screen, I am seeing the default format for track and album on the LCD screen.

Anyone have an idea why this might happen?

most other CDs and SACDs I play work fine.

I took some pics to demonstrate. 1st picture is the DMP screen whilst playing the disc, 2nd picture is the my playlist entry for the disc and last pictures how’s the SD card card correctly installed (pins down) . IMG_2932.JPGIMG_2933.PNGIMG_2934.JPG

This is strange. I assume you’ve done the usual reboot of the DMP and reseating of the SD card.

If that hasn’t helped: could the file on your SD card have gotten corrupted? I think (but could be wrong . . . ) that if you put in a new SD card – maybe reformat it first – that the playlist files will be re-downloaded from the PSA servers. (Keep your existing card as a backup.)

Frank, I have the same problem on some discs. In some cases, the DMP refuses to download the artwork even though it is displayed on My Playlist (and deleting the metadata from the SD card and even removing and recreating the My Playlist entry doesn’t fix it). Other times, the artwork does correctly download to the card but the DMP sometimes won’t display it and other times it will (pausing and playing the disc sometimes gets the display to work).

I’m really looking forward to a f/w update for the DMP. Even if it only fixes 1/4 of the problems in the current version, it would be better. Again, Paul, I’d sure like to help with the testing on the new DMP firmware as, I’m sure, would a number of others. And, on that topic, how are upgrades to the My Playlist site coming along? Will a new version of the site appear at the same time the f/w update is released?


This also was a long discussed topic with Bridge II and DS, I also still get ~ every 3rd cover not displayed.

I assume it’s probably something like the picture size built into the music files, not sure if I sometimes empedded png cover art instead of jpg, but for sure not to an amount similar to the non displayed covers.

^ That may be the case with material played over the Bridge, but the My Playlist site appears to resample uploaded artwork to 240x240 dpi regardless of the original size.

The way I understood the artwork process to work was that in the case of PWT/DMP if the album artwork wasn’t found (or not readable) on the disk then protocol said go look for it in a couple of online databases (discogs?) then if still not found go to My Playlist / PS Audio’s master/Hive Playlist (the one being populated from individuals My Playlist ).

Therefore if it is in your own playlist it should pick it up no matter what - My Playlist has accepted the artwork file and it will then be passed to the player in the correct format.

I think the artwork/playlist software is a lifetime 'work in progress ’

frank7036 said

Therefore if [the artwork] is in your own playlist it should pick it up no matter what . . .

“Should” and “does” are very different things. Again, really looking forward to the new firmware and an upgraded My Playlist site.