DMP Remote


I listen to music in a low light environment so the back lighting on the remote is important to me. The on time or time constant that controls the back lighting is too short. Can’t get to where I want to go before it times out. Muscle memory will, in time, help out with that, but still it needs to be lengthened.

Activation of the back lighting appears to be backwards. Most remotes will activate the back light with the press of any button. Another press of any button will activate the original function for which it was intended, i.e. hit the play button once the light comes on, depress it a second time and you start playing. With the DMP remote you have to press the dedicated back light button twice to turn on the back light, nothing happens with a single push. One should only have to depress that dedicated function once. If you press any of the other buttons, on purpose or accidentally, the back light activates,(as it should) but the original function assigned to that button also activates. I have picked up the remote in a darkened environment and have sent the DMP, unintentionally, off to the races…on numerous occasions. Something to consider if PSAudio ever decides to make changes to the remote.