DS lost power during firmware update to Snowmass V2

My DS lost power when I was upgrading to Snowmass V2 and now whenever I turn it on with or without an SD card the PS logo is just solid blue and the screen is blank. I know its a longshot but has anyone out there experienced this and been given a solution to it before? I already emailed PS support, but I’m in Asia and it’s already evening here so I’m hoping someone may have some ideas?

Thanks Much


You can try unplugging the ac cable for a while…it may reset… and then plug it back in.

No luck… thanks though :frowning:

My screen went blank once, but under different circumstances. I too tried unplugging the unit, several times, and it reminded blank (white screen). I drove the unit up to Boulder to return it to PS Audio, they plugged it in and the screen was fine…go figure. Try leaving it unplugged for 24 hrs then plugging it in, in a different outlet. At this point I don’t think PS Audio knows exactly why this happens.

I hope I’m that lucky!

From what I’ve heard, this problem usually goes away after awhile. You can do a search here and read what others have experienced with this issue. Good luck.

Try the Rescue version. You will find it on the PS Audio site I believe.

i would try the update again if you’ve not already. The load was partially written and thus the processor(s) can’t boot.

V2 has the force load option enabled so it will start over and may recover your DS.

Good luck

Do you have a link to the rescue files?


From Resources, Downloads, Download Software and Guides on psaudio home page

Thanks a million!!!

No luck, still just solid logo and blank screen. Support said its probably my internal firmware and are sending a programmer to my distributor. But has anyone used this rescue disc? Are there special instructions or just put it in and power on?


If support thought the rescue disc would fix it they probably would have recommended it first…it was worth a try though.