DMP 3.07 firmware released

As promised the latest DMP firmware upgrade is released and available for download here:

This is a major update and means we’re getting close to the final release of DMP firmware.


Version: 3.07
Date: Sept 14, 2018 File: DMP00307.hex

PWTUI151.hex Description

This release restores the ability to navigate sub-directories in USB and data disc media types.
In addition, there are numerous user interface and general performance improvements and bug fixes.

Ability to read USB and Data Disc sub-directories

The ability to read sub-directories in USB and data discs has been restored but works slightly different from previous releases.

Directory entries no longer appear on the main display and cannot be selected using the FFW/ FRW/ PLAY buttons on the touchscreen. Only music tracks appear on the main display. Sub-directories may be selected from the Track Select menu.

Two new icons have been added to the Track Select menu for USB and data disc media.

The “Up Directory” icon goes up one directory level. If you are in the root directory and this icon is selected, the unit will return to the root directory.

The “Home Directory” icon will always return to the root directory regardless of the subdirectory level the player is on. If there is any confusion about where in the directory hierarchy the player is at, this icon can be used to reset back to the root.

If a directory is empty, nothing will appear in the track name field on the main display and no entries will appear in the Track Select menu. If a directory has sub-directory entries, but no tracks, the main display will be blank but the Track Select menu will display all the sub-directories.

If no media is playing, entering the Track Select menu will display the first entry on the media in the top position (i.e. the list starts with entry one, whether it’s a track or sub-directory). If media is playing, the Track Select menu will center the list around the playing track.

The number of entries in any directory (including the root) is limited to 45. This limit includes both sub- directories and tracks. While more entries can be present on the media, the DMP may encounter errors when reading more than 45 entries per directory.

Fixed Issues

  • Fix reading sub-folders for USB and data discs

  • Album Artwork sometimes doesn’t work

  • Number pad on remote not working to select a specific track

  • Fix when CD/SACD etc finishes playing you can’t restart without eject

  • Skipping songs flashes wrong track number for a bit

  • F-Fwd/Rewinding before track starts to play pauses track and cannot be played unless you skip to the next/previous song and go back

  • FFW/ FRW indicator stays up to long when doing next or prev

  • Repeat/ Shuffle mode not working

  • On Disc load, the first track will play for a second or two then pause

  • When CD finishes playing, the screen displays the last track paused at 00:00 Known Issues

  • On data discs/ USB drives, track names with a ‘.’ have everything truncated after and including the ‘.’

  • DMP screen brightness doesn’t match the DSD screen brightness



Wonderful timing, just before the weekend! :grinning:

Thank you Paul, Matt and Barry. It is already loaded in my DMP now I will have to put it through it’s paces!

Thank you. Fingers crossed.

Went smoothly. Playing nicely. But maybe my comments aren’t much value as I had no real issues with 3.06 except remote responsiveness (which is now perfect).

The six data discs I tried worked fine. The ones with sub directories are a little more complicated since it appears you can’t access the sub directories from the remote. When you press play it DOES indicate it’s changing directories but it really doesn’t. Selecting from the touchscreen worked OK, a little slower to load but functional. I only listened briefly and thought I heard a change in SQ from 2.06 but my listen was so short I could be mistaken. In general, everything loads more quickly than 2.06 and is more responsive. I had no issues with that in 3.06 (which is faster than 3.08), it was the non-function of data discs that was my concern. While I didn’t try any more than a handful of discs they all worked. I would say the load time of redbook CDs is acceptable though by no means lightening fast.

P.S. Sub-directories on my data discs were NOT intentional. I guess the way I burned some of them Windows created a music sub-directory where the tracks are stored. That wasn’t my intention and I’ll have to make sure I don’t do that again. :grinning:

Great! Since I’m paying for SD cards from PS Audio I’m going to sit this one out and buy the “final” one. . .and hope that it addresses some Blu-ray Audio concerns.

So far so good playing SACD’s and CD’s. No more splash on disk insert. Load time is slower about 11 seconds but not bad. Still need to try USB jump drive.

Any change in SQ?

Loaded files without any trouble. I will let it play and report my findings tomorrow. Late in the evening here. ( One thing I noticed it takes longer to load a disk than 3.06. )

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Could be my imagination, yet again, but it sounds better to me, especially with sacd’s.

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OK now with 3.07, the usb stick works, but using the same recordings, the disc still sounds better. Usb shows dsd 64 as well as the sacd. The sacd has a little more air and presence. The usb sounds close to my Aurender N10 though.

Loaded without issue. A trouble free and simple procedure. Thanks Paul and PSAudio! This is why I’m a customer

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I am posting a few observations, not complaining. I have noticed that the DMP still does the dip on the server with disks I know had cover art resident on the SD Card. It than puts up the blue PS logo instead of the picture. If I eject and reload the CD it will go get the picture and put it up.
I am hearing more clicks when I load and SACD used to get one now maybe 3. I even heard a click from a CD when I went from SACD to CD. The load time is about 13 seconds substantially more than with 3.06 and also substantially less than with 2.06.

Still won’t play the dsd file on any sacd.

mine sure does

If you are seeing PCM 24 bit it is playing the DSD layer and down sampling it. Go to the connections screen and see if you see the serial number of your Direcstream DAC. Also check the settings for SACD to be sure it is set to Stereo. Hope you get it going!

Fast forward and rewind does not work properly for me with USB and DVD data discs.

You can see the cursor travel on the touch screen but when you hit play it goes back to the beginning of the track.
CDs and SACDs are good.

Get the darn thing done once and for all so it works without issues and incident…great sounding but a trainwreck firmware wise…I will hold off until hopefully there is a final version that simply works


Takes longer for me to pull the unit then to flash the SD card, reinsert and put the player back in the cabinet.

Using the same SD card, I select all, erase previous version, then copy over the new version.

I am tripped up right now as the version number still shows 3.06? It looks to me like the screen color now matches the DAC and the cover art downloads and shows the track playing.

No complaints on PS Audio and updates, adds to the hobby giving me something to do.