DMP to DSD Link

I read somewhere recently that the link between a transport and a DAC can ‘get stale’ over time and should be refreshed (by breaking said link) and re-linking. I’ve tried that a few times with the DMP and DSD but my concern is that when you turn one (or the other off) it takes time for the SQ to come all the way back. Does anyone else re-link the two on a regular basis or do you just establish the connection and just leave it until you have to turn off one or the other (for a firmware upgrade for instance)?



Well, if you’re playing SACDs regularly on the DMP, you’re probably already rebooting fairly often to maintain the DSD64 connection. My DMP gets cycled at least once a day.

I know I used to have to disconnect the SCSI cable between a workstation and a scanner at least once a week and give the cable a good shake to get the computer to recognize the scanner. The shake was to dislodge any SCSI demons that had accumulated in the cable, though perhaps it was just the extra time the cable spent disconnected that did the trick.

Let us know what you discover.

If you cycle the DMP daily has long does it take for the SQ to come back? I’ve read on this Forum that the transformers have to deguass every time it’s shut down and turned back on.

It’s hard to say as the reason I’m cycling the DMP is the SQ has already diminished since the system is playing SACDs down-sampled to 24/88.2. I suspect that is more detrimental than any change in performance rebooting the unit is going to cause.